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Gaming Day on Google Open Source Live

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Gaming Day on Google Open Source Live


Join us for the fifteenth Google Open Source Live event in our series; “Gaming Day on Google Open Source Live”!

Google Gaming experts will share updates on everything from Why Gaming Should Care About Open Source to Open Saves - Game storage API.

Throughout the event, our speakers will answer your questions via the Live Q&A Forum. We’ll wrap up the event with an After Party on Google Meet for an opportunity to connect with the speakers and other attendees.

Gaming Day on Google Open Source Live

Thursday, December 2nd at 9:00 am - 11:00 am PST

9:00 am
David Wynn, Customer Engineering Manager (Google)
Patrick Smith, Machine Learning Specialist (Google)

9:02 am
Session 1: Why Gaming Should Care About Open Source
In the wider technical community - open source has won.
Despite game development’s culture of sharing, open source isn’t nearly as prevalent.
In this talk, we’ll look at motivations for open source, as well as the costs - and hopefully together change the culture of open source in game development!
April Kyle Nassi, OSPO PgM (Google)

9:18 am
Session 2: An Open Source Matchmaking Framework
Developing a multiplayer game but building out your matchmaking service taking too long?
In this talk we’ll explore Open Match, a scalable matchmaking framework for multiplayer games built on Kubernetes, that allows developers to focus on connecting players and less on running at scale.
Jon Foust, Developer Advocate (Google)

9:34 am
Session 3: Open Saves - Game storage API
Open Saves is a scalable, cloud native API service specifically built for game development. Open Saves simplifies data management, optimizes data placements, and provides a well-defined gRPC endpoint.
Emma Haruka Iwao, Developer Advocate (Google)

9:45 am
Session 4: Agones: Scaling Multiplayer Game Servers with Open Source
Hear about the Open Source project Agones, making it possible to run multiplayer dedicated game servers on Kubernetes, wherever your players are, and wherever you need your infrastructure to be: in the cloud, on-prem, or both.
Mark Mandel, Developer Advocate (Google)

9:59 am
Session 5: Quilkin: Deconstructing the Game Server monolith with Client and Server Proxies
Quilkin, a new open source project built in conjunction with Embark Studios, is an extensible UDP proxy that is specifically built for multiplayer game servers, to help solve the challenges that exist with orchestrating monolithic game servers at scale.
Mark Mandel, Developer Advocate (Google)

10:15 am After Party on Google Meet

11:00 am End
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