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Tuesday at the Dragon
This meetup will repeat weekly. Please comment on the meetup so that we know what games you feel like playing, and follow other people's discussion so that we can avoid having anyone show up, and not get to have any fun. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Green Dragon

7671 Northwoods Boulevard · North Charleston, SC

What we're about

So, this has changed and grown since I started it. Originally, it was board games in my apartment, not I'm helping friends schedule their meetings that I can't attend, I'm responsible for one tournament, (Attack Wing) and affiliated with two other people that are running tournaments. (Attack Wing and Netrunner)

Monthly overview: First Saturday: Board Games at Here Be Books, in Sumervale. Second Saturday, Attack Wing Tournament at the Dragon. Third Saturday, Board Game at the Dragon. Fourth Saturday, Netrunner Tournament at the Dragon (once it gets set up). Good times all around!

I mostly hang out at the Dragon on Tuesdays, from 7 to close. Come on down, and see us!

===== Old Description =====

This meetup is a semi-regular gathering at my apartment to play one of my many board games. The high points of my collection include

Battlestar Galactica
The Game of Thrones
Lords of Waterdeep
7 Wonders
Power Grid
La Havre

My collection expands far more often than my wife cares for. As a rule, meetups will be limited to the max number of players for a game, generally not more than 6 persons total. Be advised: I have cats. They generally don't interfere with a game, but they may get underfoot, or cause trouble with allergies.

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