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Goshala believes that the basic necessities of human society are food grains, fruits, milk, minerals, clothing, wood, etc. One requires all these items to fulfill the needs of the body. These needs are simple and only requires simple ideas. As humans, we want to fulfill these needs not only for us but also for our children and future generations. This requires us to adopt a sustainable lifestyle free from violence towards humans or animals or the planet. This lifestyle existed for thousands of years and we can recreate it. One major component of this lifestyle is a sustainable agriculture model using cows and oxen. Cows provide us milk, oxen provide us the power to till the land and in return, we take care of them. We therefore provide proper protection for them to lead a joyful life by being fed with sufficient quantity of grass in the pastures. We have experienced numerous spiritual, ethical and economic advantages of protecting our cows and will always advocate this system and approach.

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Goshala Holi 2017

Kiwanis Park

Cow Festival


HOLI - Festival of Colors and Cows

Kiwanis Park

Goshala Food For Life - Serve veg food to homeless

Watkins Shelter

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