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Here is your chance to learn and practice improv comedy techniques -- and more! -- on a weekly basis, Got U Laughing Improv Comedy Workshops meet every TUESDAY from 7 to 9 pm in SUTTON HALL of Curlew United Methodist Church located at 2210 Cathedral Drive, Palm Harbor, FL. Got U Laughing's weekly workshops provide an opportunity for people to discover/develop their "creative genius" skills by learning and practicing improv comedy in a fun and dynamic atmosphere. Participants do not need to have prior improv comedy experience and do not even have to be funny. First timers, introverts, and socially timid people welcome! For ages 18 to whatever. Admission fee is $5.

Although there are a multitude of benefits that will enhance your life by learning improv comedy techniques, here is a partial list:

1) Attending the weekly workshop will get you out of your comfort zone ( a/k/a your saboteur which is probably holding you back from achieving your full potential.) It's that little voice that tells you that you can't do something or that you are not good enough. Whatever! One of the goals in an improv class is to get you to ignore your saboteur and get yourself to live up to your true potential!

2) Become a better public speaker ... By learning improv, you will learn how to be comfortable speaking in front of a group of people -- how to act instead of react, and how to say things with purpose. One of the biggest aspects of principles of improv is trust: you will learn to trust those in your class and be trusted by them!

3) Become a Yes! person ... the #2 principle of improv is agreement. Improv classes will teach you that the fun is on the other side of Yes! Saying yes to things you normally say not to because your saboteur tells you that you're not good enough will help you believe in yourself and your own ability. In other words, by saying Yes!, you move action forward instead of stalling it. Saying Yes! keeps you from saying "no" just because it's easy -- saying Yes! helps you find options and make them work.

4) Become a better listener .. the #1 principle of improv is listening. If you don't listen while doing improv you won't know how to respond. How often do you talk to someone that is just waiting for you to finish talking so they can say what they already are planning on saying? Improv will teach you to listen attentively ... not just for words but for emotion, intention, point of view and so much more.

5) Develop confidence in yourself ... By learning improv, you stop caring about the small, inane things like what other people think of you and what you look like and what you're going to do next .... learning improv helps you to live in the moment and go beyond your sabataoging beliefs.

6) Learning improv helps you to learn how to fail easier ... Sometimes the thought of failure prevents you from even trying. Learning improv teaches you that if you fail, instead of dwelling on it, you learn to try something else the next time. You will not have time to pre-plan what you're going to say, so you just go o out there and do it and you get an immediate response. You slowly start to forget the fear of failing because you're used to moving right on. You start taking more chances in life because who cares if you fail? If it didn't work out, try again, and if it still doesn't work -- on to the next thing!

7) Social benefits! .... Improv attracts all types of people (usually fun-loving types). It's totally cool to get together with people outside of your main group of friends and bond over why you started taking improv classes. It negates the idea that making friends past college is impossible. You get to form a whole group of new friends that you also don't have to work with every single day ... and having improv friends just makes your life better!

Go ahead and Google the benefits of learning improv comedy techniques. It is rather fascinating to learn what learning improv comedy can do for you so be sure to stop by and experience a workshop for yourself! Directed by Kim M. Clark - Founder/Director of Got U Laughing Improv Comedy Workshop.

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Got U Laughing Resumes Live and In Person Meetings on Nov. 3rd

Got U Laughing resumes live and in person meetings on Nov. 3rd. Have fun learning short form improv comedy by playing games with a group of fun improvisors. The emphasis is on spontaneity, not necessarily verbal wit. You don't even have to be a "funny" person. Got U Laughing is supportive, encouraging environment for all skill levels and a whole spectrum of personality types so no matter what your skill level or personality type, you will most likely fit in. Got U Laughing features clean comedy with the emphasis on spontaneous creativity and maybe just a wee little bit of “spice”. No prior improv experience is required. One of the best ways to improve your life is by learning and regularly practicing improv comedy techniques, Kim M. Clark - Director

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