Jenkins Configuration as Code - Automating an Automation Server

Hosted by Göteborg Jenkins Area Meetup

Public group


Thankyou to Semcon who is hosting the meetup!

17:45 mingle over drinks & pizza
18:10 introduction and welcome
18:20 Presentation "Configuration as Code Jenkins Plugin" by Ewelina Wilkosz
19:05 short break
19:15 Presentation "Managing Jenkins configurations with Groovy Hooks" by Oleg Nenashev
20:00 mingle & questions
20:30 close

Description of Ewelina's talk:
Job DSL or scripted/declarative pipelines are becoming the standard when it comes to defining jobs in Jenkins. Now we need a similar solution to maintain Jenkins itself. At this meetup Ewelinia will present the Configuration as Code Plugin ( Ewelina Wilkosz (, one of the core developers. She has written an article about the plugin:

Description of Oleg's talk:
Can we consider the emerging Configuration as Code Plugin as a silver-bullet for every use-case? Of course not: it does not support each Jenkins plugin and does not offer scripting support for complex cases. But you can use other tools to achieve that! We will talk about the Groovy Hooks engine in Jenkins, which allows working with Jenkins on a low-level using a universal programming language. How to use it efficiently? How to use Groovy Hooks together with Configuration as Code plugin?

About Oleg Nenashev
Affiliation: Jenkins Core maintainer, Engineer at CloudBees

Oleg is an R&D and Automation engineer who started using Jenkins/Hudson in 2008. He is an open-source contributor since 2012. In the Jenkins project Oleg maintains the Jenkins core and plugins, and also organizes meetups and Google Summer of Code. At CloudBees he works on improving Jenkins architecture and the company’s products based on it. All his Jenkins instances are powered by configuration-as-code, and he contributes a bit to CasC plugin and other related solutions.

Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland