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Calling all Atheists, Agnostics, FreeThinkers, Humanists, Secularists, Brights, Skeptics, Philosophers, and those who are questioning religion. <br> <br> Gotham Atheists is about secular, science, and social human interactions. <br> Being secular in your approach to life, science minded in your decision making and know we are social humans for a kind, easy going, and helpful group that you want to belong to. <br> <br> With your effort in joining Gotham Atheists you can say your helping push society a little more to a secular world. Come to any of our featured Gotham Atheists events or attend any of the wider secular events we list for you that happen in New York City. <br> <br> You can support the Gotham Atheists by being member or just a supporter with your donation. The best type of nation is a donation! <br> <br> Come join the Gotham Atheists Working Group to help plan our full schedule of events, happenings, gatherings, and open discussions. You can help in many different ways at the level of time, talent, and treasure you want. <br> <br> Gotham Atheists endeavors to show society that we are free from believe and so much more. We are kind, nice, and helpful just as everyone one else Is in society. <br> That our view on dealing with government at all level that it be done without any religious practice and ritual. Gotham Atheists tenant of meaning is the separation of the religious church, temple, synagogs, and mosks from government be fulfilled. <br> <br> Join Today! <br> G Enjoy Today! <br> <br> Gotham Atheists is a highly social group for you to get to know other members. Enjoy their company, learn from others, and be friendly to each other. <br> Life should be nice! <br> <br> We also want to have secular activist, book authors, educators, and government leaders to our featured discussion forum. We plan on these at venues that you will enjoy. Each event will have time for you to interact with other members. <br> <br> DWA, Drinking With Athests will be every Friday Night as it as for the last 8 years. <br> DWA is purely a social night with no agenda but socializing and enjoying each others company for a few hours each week. <br> <br> Gotham Atheists is also a member of Reasonable New York and we encourage you to attend any event you want. Check them out at

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