What we're about

The purpose of the group is to inspire an open discussion about the latest software, technology and methodologies.

We will focus on emerging technology on the open source scene. Each meetup will have a general topic, and feature several short presentations.

Examples of possible topics:

- Emerging programming languages
- New microservice frameworks
- Serverless
- Container security
- Multi-model databases and wire-compatible storage
- Pipelines as code
- Eventsourcing: Emerging tech
- Evolution of containers & unikernels
- Agile: What's next?
- Language-agnostic software diagnostics
- Practical AI
- Blockchain: Open source software

Feedback? Or are you interested in a specific topic? Please leave a comment.

Join us on Slack: https://gbgtechradar.herokuapp.com/

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API Gateways and Cell-based Architecture


Play with Kubernetes


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