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Are you (like me) someone who has gotta dance? A great tune comes on and you find yourself dancing no matter where you are? Then this group is for you!! My sister is always laughing at me saying, 'there she goes dancing in a retail shop again'. I am someone who cannot NOT dance! :)

It doesn't matter if you are a professional dancer or not! It just matters if you gotta dance when you hear a great tune. Also, do you ever find when you go out to a club and they are playing 50 bad tunes to a couple good ones? Here, each of us submits our favourite dance tunes for our own dance mix and FINALLY no more disappointing nights out!

For everyone who books a night out, we will gather everyone's tunes and make our own music mix. Then we'll dance the night away in a venue that is suitable for dancing in. Finding a top-notch venue that's affordable is difficult, so I will do my best to find a good venue at an affordable rate; in order that these meetings can be held regularly without putting me out of pocket. Future meetings I hope to feature live bands as well.

This group's main aim is to dance. This is not about waiting on the sidelines for somebody to dance 'with' (as per usual Western etiquette), it's about getting out there and moving to the tunes with everyone else. The group isn't promoting any particular dance style it's just dancers dancing! :) If your particular style is one in which you need a partner, then please come with a partner.

Note: This group isn't aimed at 'singles' or 'dating' so please ensure you respect people's boundaries and wishes.

I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Best, Sarah

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