2019 GBA Kickoff - IFE's, Financial Regulation and FinTech Opportunities

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Join us on March 7th 2019 for our 2019 GBA kickoff at Piloto Hato Rey. We will be joined by the Commissioner of Financial Institutions, George Joyner, to discuss Financial Regulation, IFE's, the FBI's crackdown on a Venezuelan money laundering operation and the future of FinTech in Puerto Rico.

Some possible tracks or presentations for the rest of 2019 - open to participation:
- A world without banks
- Money without inflation
- Money without borders
- Money without fractional reserve banking (Hard Money)
crowdsourcing government in lieu of taxes
- What is THE LAW? Tracking the legal code, regulations, and judicial decisions to understand the LAW, now and in time.
- Law as code, no literally as software, Solidity
- Transparent earmarking/ radical transparency
- Sovereign Autonomous Organizations (SAO)
- Digital, not geographical, citizenship; citizenship without borders
- Voting
- Implicit voting … (using proxies to determine the sentiment of citizens)
- Digital dignity implemented via MID’s
- Digital sovereign rights, digital property.
- Privacy in a transparent world
- Privacy and identity implemented through personas
- Digital reputation and identity