• Grab Talks: How to leverage Kudo and Bukalapak as a launchpad for your startup

    This month we have two incredible speakers from Kudo and Bukalapak and you can learn some business lessons from them. We have Nacitta Kayandara - Head of Commercial & Business Expansion at Kudo and Fransiska P.W. Hadiwidjana - Head of Business O2O at Bukalapak. Let's hear from them about "How to leverage Kudo and Bukalapak as a launchpad for your startup". Speakers Profile: Nacitta Kanyandara leads Kudo's new business ventures aimed specifically to increase Kudo agents' income and improve their livelihood. Prior to Kudo, she was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and earned her MBA at The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) Fransiska is an entrepreneur and technologist. She attended Institute Technology Bandung for Bachelor of Engineering in 2008 and in 2012 she continues her studies at Singularity University in California, US. She is the founder of Prelo, Indonesia's retail sharing economy platform, which recently got acquired by Bukalapak - where she's currently in charge of several new business initiatives as Head O2O Smart Retail. Our agenda for the evening should be as follows- • 6:00pm - Registration opens - Happy Hour Networking with Bites • 7:00 pm - 7:10 pm - Welcome Remarks & Presenter Introductions • 7:10 pm - 7:45 pm - 1st Session by Nacitta Kanyandara • 7:45 pm - 8.20 pm 2nd Session by Fransiska P.W • 8:20 pm - 8:50 pm - Audience Q&A • 8:50 pm - 9:00 pm - The End

  • GrabTechTalks #JKTCHAPTER: Where's My Build? - Android CI/CD at Kudo

    Welcome to our 13th edition of the Grab -hosted Grab TechTalks (GTT) session! In this tech talk, we are going to talk about how’s the CI/CD work at Kudo and how it helped the mobile engineering team become more productive and improve our code quality, also the possibilities of a career in Grab Engineering today. Speakers Profile: Muh Rahmatullah started his career at Kudo as a mobile engineer intern right before he graduated from Universitas Hasanuddin Makassar, he then recruited as a full-time engineer after he finished the internship. His daily task is worked on Kudo Agent App and Sales App, while also contributing to other apps in Grab ecosystem. As an individual contributor, other than working on features, he really loved to researching and find a way to increase his team productivity. He also liked to do some community work around techs like conducting a workshop, tech talk and more since in college. Hendra Marihot Panjaitan, Before exploring Android Ecosystem, Marihot spent 5 years and 5 months working in the Smart Card industry in which he develops various smartcard applications using C and Javacard. And on July 2016, PT Kudo Teknologi Indonesia (KUDO) helped him kick-start his career as Android Developer and never stopped learning ever since. Our agenda for the evening should be as follows- • 6:00pm - Registration opens - Happy Hour Networking with Bites • 7:00pm - Welcome Remarks & Presenter Introductions • 7:05 pm - 1st Session by Muh Rahmatullah • 7:35 pm - 2nd Session by Hendra Marihot Panjaitan • 8:05pm - Audience Q&A • 8:30 pm - The End About Grab Tech Talks: Grab Tech Talks are a series for peers in Jakarta's tech startup community to share knowledge and best practices as well as provide an informal space to network. Originally conceived within Grab to focus on pushing the boundaries of technology and business to Drive Southeast Asia Forward, we are excited to now make available these sessions to the wider tech/startup community. Stay tuned and check back for our line-up of interesting speakers and content.