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Sunday Afternoon Softball! 4:00 game

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Just what you've been waiting for: A well-organized pickup softball game in the Northwest Suburbs! This game is open to anyone and we're good at organizing even teams. We're trying something new, and our hope to is to continue to improve the format throughout the spring season and into the summer.

Here's how this event will work: Arrive at the field 15-20 minutes early to check in, meet your teammates, and warm up. We'll start the game on time at 4:00. We'll have a staff member at the field to greet you, check you in, collect money if you are paying cash, and assign you to a team. Right before the game starts, we'll go over key rules regarding sliding, etc so we're all on the same page. We'll have a paid referee at the game to keep things running smoothly and to make the calls so there are no disputes between the teams and players.

Each batter will start with one strike and one ball. This will keep the game moving quickly. We'll play 7-innings or 1 hour. Whichever comes first. The umpire may call it shorter if he/she feels there isn't enough time for a full inning.

Since this game is open to anyone, there will not be a required male/female batting order. But we will try to create even teams, which may include placing an even amount of females on each team. However, when you RSVP, we'll ask your skill level and field position, and we may weigh skill level and position over gender in some circumstances. Players may not get to play their preferred position, so come to the game willing to try something out of your comfort zone! We'll do our best to have a rough idea of the teams before the event. Want to play with your friends? No problem! Just make note of it when you RSVP and we'll do our best to keep you together.

There will be a maximum of 11 players allowed per team, 23 people total per event. All 11 players may bat, but only 10 players may field. Teams may change who they have fielding from inning to inning. We will play with a minimum of 6 players per team. If the RSVP list has less than 13 people RSVP'd, we may cancel the event. Why 23 and 13? That count includes the organizer, who is out there to make sure the event runs smoothly, not to play. Although, from time to time, they may jump in a game if there is room for them.

We'll play ASA rules unless otherwise noted. ASA approved bats only, please. We'll provide a brand new 12" ball each game, and we'll have a bunch of old balls around for warming up. Please bring your own glove and a bat if you've got one. We'll have a couple gloves and bats on hand, but we can't supply a whole team with equipment.

We'll have bases and line the field. The field won't be dragged the first couple games of the season, but we'll try to get out there and loosen up the dirt a bit.

We're offering two games. One at 4:00 and one at 5:00. If you'd like to play in both games, please RSVP for each game separately. Since we have to cover the costs of rent, the umpire, staff, and materials, there is a fee to pay:

$5 if you RSVP and pay online
$6 if you RSVP and pay cash at the field
$7 if you just show up the field without RSVP (spots are not guaranteed to be available)

A waiting list will open once the event fills up. If a player changes their RSVP to not attending, the players on the waiting list will receive an email notification letting them know a spot opened up. The waiting list will not automatically move someone to the Attending list because we want them to confirm their attendance. That way, we know that they know they're coming. Please, if you change your mind about coming, update your RSVP!

Refunds will be issued to players who cancel 36 hours in advance or if their spot is filled by another player for a sold out event. In certain instances, we may allow the payment to rollover as a credit for another event. Cancelled events due to weather or not enough players will result in a refund within 24 hours of the cancellation. No shows will be marked on your account and multiple records of being a no-show may be grounds for dismissal from the group or required to pre-pay for events.

We reserve the right to give your spot away if you have not arrived by the start of the game. So please arrive early!

We're out here to have fun! Please remember to play with sportsmanship. Overly-aggressive players or players who are verbally abusive towards other players, the referee, or the staff will be warned once and then asked to leave if it happens again. Cool off and come back another day. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us!

Since we are an adult group, players must be 19 or older to participate. Please no alcohol consumption at the games. Feel free to meet up with players after the game at bar for drinks!

We're looking forward to growing a great group. Please provide feed back to the organizers and be sure to give us good ratings so that other people find our meetup and join us! See you out there!!