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What we’re about

Welcome to Grand Rapids Christian Singles – Activities! We strive to support adult Christian singles in deepening their relationship with Christ, building sound friendships, having fun together and serving others. If you are looking for a safe place to connect socially with people 40+ years old who share common values and interests, then this is a group for you.

Our prayer is that those who join Grand Rapids Christian Singles – Activities would discover a deeper understanding of Christ’s love, find support when times are difficult, experience the wholeness of God’s healing and grow toward God’s intent in their life.

Grand Rapids Christian Singles – Activities has a busy schedule with a wide variety of events throughout the year. We encourage everyone to join in planning and hosting events as they are led. Some of our popular activities include barbecues, sporting events, board game nights, outdoor recreation, dining out, movie, live music events, worship, festivals, parties, dances, service projects and many more.

RSVP’s/Comments: Please document your desire to attend an event by RSVP’ing YES. You only need to RSVP NO if you previously said YES, but later are not able to attend. If you RSVP YES, please follow through and attend, or if you must cancel please check NO so we have an accurate count. This is especially important when we have a limited number of spots for an event. When tickets are involved we will have a pay by date and after that you are responsible to get your own ticket. All tickets purchased are "FINAL SALES" - if you are unable to attend please feel free to give your ticket away or find someone to replace you. We are unable to refund money after the purchase. Thank you for your understanding! Please use Comments for an event to ask questions about the event or comment on how the event impacted you once it is over.

SAFE PLACE: We want all our members to feel that they can be comfortable at our events. We desire to build an atmosphere which is positive supportive and affirming. Leadership team will address any problem that may arise.

We are a social group of single Christians who come from various spiritual backgrounds. We share a common faith in Christ Jesus and we enjoy getting together to have fun and make memories.

We have also created a Facebook page where everyone can connect and share ideas. <br>

We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Grand Rapids Christian Singles – Activities event.

The Grand Rapids Christian Singles – Activities Team Sharon Bathrick, Cindi VanTine, Carol Hammond and Cathy Sproul.