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How many of you find it hard to find others to play tennis with? This group is for those who want to enjoy playing tennis, not mainly for the competition, but to have fun playing doubles or singles, depending on how many people want to play. It is for both intermediate players and beginners - for people with some experience playing and for people who want to learn. I'm rusty, but look forward to playing with people at my level, better, and those who need help learning.

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Tennis for fun, either singles or doubles depending on numbers

Sunday is supposed to be a sunny day, so I hope it ends up being warmer than is forecast. If not, we can always go inside, say to a brewery, and play some table tennis instead :)... Just bring a racket and maybe some extra balls with you. I will try to bring an extra racket, just in case. Please let us know you will be there, try to be there by the start time, and if you can't come after all, please be sure to remove your name from the list. Remember that this is tennis for fun (rather than having any emphasis on competition, except of the friendly kind), so we'll be doing a mixture of warm up/practice and playing games/sets, but probably not so many matches or paying too much attention to who won or lost last time. We can hopefully all learn from each other (get better), while just enjoying playing.