Global Azure Bootcamp - Granite State

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Manchester Community College

1066 Front St · Manchester, NH

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Manchester Community College

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Join us at Manchester Community College in Manchester New Hampshire for a day of FREE Azure learning.

We'll be taking a workshop approach this year.

Please bring your own laptop, and be prepared to do some code and/or DevOps hacking!

Workshops & Hosts:

Patrick El-Azem - Cloud Solutions Architect with Microsoft
Infrastructure as Code 101
Summary: the Azure portal is a great app to deploy workloads. But doing the same (or similar) things manually, over and over again, is tiresome and error-prone. Come to this workshop to learn how to script and templatize virtual machines and associated infrastructure like networks and storage. You'll walk away with your own scripts, templates, and understanding of how to roll out virtual machines, networks, storage, and other workloads easily, quickly, and repeatably.
Presenter: Patrick El-Azem
Level: Intermediate
Time: 60 minutes

Patrick El-Azem - Cloud Solutions Architect with Microsoft
Tag! You're It! Label those Photos!
Summary: Do you have hundreds - or thousands - of family photos? Do you wish you could just search for all photos with a particular family member in them? In this workshop, come learn how to write code around Microsoft's Face Cognitive Service API (one of dozens of Microsoft’s AI Cognitive Services available to developers) to process photos and label each image file with tags for each family member in the image, and make the photos searchable.
In this workshop, you'll write code: the sample code is in C# and uses a C# SDK, but you are free to substitute any language/platform if you're comfortable interacting with a REST API over HTTPS and working with headers, requests, and responses. The C# SDK will be the easiest way for developers comfortable writing general code who have not done significant REST API work yet.
You'll also learn about and deploy Azure resources including a Cognitive Service, Azure Storage, and Azure serverless Functions. We'll discuss the differences between - and technical and ethical implications of - face detection and recognition, and your responsibilities as a developer or deployer of this technology.
This will be a fast-paced, technical session with minimal up-front presentation! You'll walk away with code and materials that you can build on to enhance your own face-recognition app. Sample code and instructions will be provided.
Presenter: Patrick El-Azem
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Time: 2 hours

Jim Wilcox - Senior Architect with Insight Digital Innovation & Microsoft MVP [Developer Technologies]
Learn AI Bootcamp - 1 day Chatbot Agenda

More to come, stay tuned!