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Many Workshops are being held ONLINE from many different countries and teachers. (Some are not in English.) I currently am on hiatus because I don't want to deal with the technology. Please visit for all details of where and when, etc.: http://www.natural-walking.com and more specifically https://www.natural-walking.com/workshops

There are currently 13 Walking Centers in the world: 9 in Indonesia, 1 in Singapore, 2 in Australia, and 1 in the USA. At these Centers one can receive individual guidance and also do various routines which impact specific health issues.

The Book, Secrets of Natural Walking, by Irmansyah Effendi, has just been released and can be found online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble amongst others. Our last workshop was on February 21, a Friday, at Christ Unity in Medford. There have been 18 workshops in the Rogue River Valley area since the fall of 2014. Let me know if you are interested.

Secrets of Natural Walking is a walking program that teaches you how to walk naturally, using all the muscles in the body while activating the meridians and reflexology zones, and while learning how to be better connected to the earth, opening the spiritual heart with every step.

The Importance of Walking Properly and Naturally is so simple; we walk many times a day, yet few do it properly. Over time it is easy to pick up bad habits that make the way we walk not only less efficient, but possibly detrimental to our physical health and emotional well-being.

By learning the Secrets of Natural Walking, each step in our daily life becomes a beautiful opportunity to improve the condition of our whole being, including our body, mind, emotions, and spiritual heart.

The Secrets of Natural Walking journey starts with a one day workshop. This interactive workshop teaches all the skills required to recruit all the correct muscles, walk straighter and taller, activate the body's natural healing abilities, and open the spiritual heart, so every step becomes a way to shape, tone, heal and calm the body.


Learn to walk your way to complete health and happiness. Simple and easy. With diligent daily practice the self healing mechanisms of your body will revitalize you, and your mood and thoughts will become calmer and more peaceful. You'll become happier and feel more secure.

For Workshops (7 hours approximately): Cost before any discounts is $150. There are various discounts for seniors who rely upon their pensions (25%), full-time students, etc.; please inquire. Also ask about lay-away plans. This is a one-time investment for you; then you walk daily for at least a half hour, and voilá!...you become healthier & happier.

Please visit: http://www.natural-walking.com for all details, many recent testimonials, and to see where else around the world these workshops are taking place (16 countries and 160 instructors; and SONW began only in the beginning of 2014!). At least 6000 people have attended these workshops. Please also see: http://www.facebook.com/naturalwalking

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SONW Workshop Level One, All Day Workshop 9-5 Pacific time ONLINE

Time: 9am - 5pm Las Vegas time zone
Location: Online using Zoom
Instructor: Tina Encheva
For description, fees, and to register: https://naturalwayofliving.com/project/secrets-of-natural-walking-level-1/

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