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GraphQL: The Basics and Beyond

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GraphQL:  The Basics and Beyond


For our inaugural meetup, we're joining forces with JSKC to bring you GraphQL: The Basics and Beyond! Make sure to register on eventbrite and check out the meetup post at

It has been duplicated below for convenience. Hope to see you all there!


Abstract: REST is wonderful at exposing single-consumer APIs. However, it starts to fall down when you need to provide a non-breaking long term solution that multiple clients with various concerns must depend on. To solve this and many other problems we have GraphQL.

This is not another Apollo GraphQL talk. Instead, this talk focuses on how to build out a Node.js hapi server to serve the needs of REST and GraphQL clients without the need for separate handlers for each case. The talk will also cover how to interact with GraphQL from the frontend using Vue. Additionally, it will focus on how to make GraphQL requests from a server to other servers. This talk will also cover basic approaches to testing these GraphQL services.

Everything in this talk is oriented toward the modern JavaScript Engineer who is interested in learning about the shortcomings of REST and the reasons why GraphQL is gaining popularity.

Bio: Wyatt regularly contributes to open source software, namely software in the Node.js ecosystem. I helped to create hapi and the surrounding ecosystem. He has a passion for containers, microservices, application security, and testing. You can find his open source work at
Cerner Innovations Campus
8770 Hillcrest Rd · Kansas City, MO
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