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GraphQL (https://graphql.org) is a revolutionary approach to querying APIs that solves a lot of the problems with REST. This meetup is for enthusiasts interested in pushing the boundaries.

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GraphQL Melbourne

31 Queen St

We are looking for a food sponsor! Please contact David or Jayden here on meetup.com if interested. 5:30pm – Doors open. Jayden Seric: Introducing graphql-react graphql-react (https://github.com/jaydenseric/graphql-react) is a 2.5 KB GraphQL client using modern React context and hooks APIs. It’s the first Relay and Apollo alternative to support server side rendering and has an official Next.js integration. It also supports file uploads out of the box! Learn how the perils of normalized cache are completely avoided, enabling features impossible for other clients. Break for food, drinks and chat. Steven Holloway: A Rusty Approach to GraphQL The state of GraphQL in Rust and some sample code. --- If you’re interested in presenting at one of the meetups, please message either David Burles or Jayden Seric here on meetup.com.

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GraphQL Melbourne

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