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GraphQL is Facebook’s new, open-source query language for fetching application data in a uniform way. It allows developers to describe the complex, nested data dependencies of modern applications. Designed to solve some of the biggest drawbacks of REST-like APIs, GraphQL is easy to learn and can be used with any backend — SQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc — and with any language or platform. GraphQL makes it easy to build great developer tools, evolve your API over time, and query data efficiently from any client.


Join our group if you want to learn more about GraphQL, its growing ecosystem, and how people are using it!

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It is time GraphQL Meetup Munich makes a comeback! Join us together with our fellow GraphQL enthusiasts from the capital Berlin. Big thanks to prisma for helping us out! Having said this, we are always on the look for speakers. Have something to share with the community? Shoot us a message at [masked] The meetup will take place on the 29th of September, 2020 at 18:00. Everything will be streamed on Youtube. ______________________________________ ⏰ Schedule 18:00: Welcome Announcements 18:05: William Lyon - Low Code GraphQL With Neo4j 18:35: Fredrick Mgbeoma - GraphQL in e-commerce: Building for the next billion users 19:10: Daniel Madalitso Phiri - Using code-gen to avoid heuristic GraphQL queries 19:35: Closing ______________________________________________________ _____________________________________ 💻 Talk 1: Low Code GraphQL With Neo4j by William Lyon Building GraphQL APIs backed by Neo4j is easier than ever before with low-code tools like the GraphQL Architect graph app for Neo4j Desktop. In this talk, we'll take a look at how to create GraphQL APIs backed by Neo4j as well as leveraging some of the geospatial functionality of Neo4j via GraphQL in the context of building a real estate search application. ✨ About William: William Lyon is a software engineer at Neo4j, the open-source graph database, working on integrations and extensions for graph databases as part of the Neo4j Labs team. You can find him online @lyonwj. 💻 Talk 2: GraphQL in e-commerce: Building for the next billion users by Fredrick Mgbeoma This talk highlights the benefits of building scalable applications using GraphQL, the challenges that come with it, and how you can better manage these as your application scales to an increasing number of users. We will also cover practical applications of GraphQL in the fast-paced e-commerce world. ✨ About Fredrick: Fredrick is a Frontend Engineer at commercetools from Lagos, Nigeria. At commercetools, he is part of the Priceless team where he works with awesome folks to provide a powerful and flexible promotion engine for our users. He has experience building scalable applications for Coursera’s over 60M users and cares about Open Source and making the web more accessible and inclusive 💻 Talk 3: Using code-gen to avoid heuristic GraphQL queries by Daniel Madalitso Phiri The heuristic approach to querying a GraphQL API is when is when you run an operation on an API with Union or Interface types without using a Fragment Matcher. This comes with problems, the biggest being the inability to query such an API. In this talk, we will look at GraphQL types, including union types, and look at how the heuristics problem can be solved using codegen. ✨ About Daniel: Daniel is a retired Podcaster, Lorde super fan, Software Developer, Technical Writer, and currently - Developer Advocate at Strapi. Look forward to see you there!

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