What we're about

Anyone excited about GraphQL!
Come, meet people and collaborate to make the ecosystem around GraphQL bigger!

Frontend developers or Backend developers could all benefit from GraphQL.

Follow Github and create a self documented public API for your business.
Or, use internally as Facebook been doing for the past four years!

Product managers - If you would like to move forward with the UI but backend services are staggering behind, come and watch how you could mock new data and reuse old backend services easily.

Past events (6)

Meetup #6 - Client GraphQL and Schema Testing

BEALL auditorium - Alon tower, 3rd floor

Meetup #5 - Daily GraphQL

Natural Intelligence - Toha Tower - Floor 23

Meetup #4 - GraphQL from Experience

Bitan 26 , Tel Aviv port (Just across Japanica)

Meetup #3 - Subscribe for MOAR!

Urban Place

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