Scaling the Schema

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If you are lucky, your team and your product will be constantly growing. This month we will discuss patterns and approaches for building a GraphQL schema and server that scales comfortably across many files and many developers. Next month we will talk the other kind of scaling: performance!

In this workshop we will take a simple GraphQL server and add some new resolvers to address the "growing pains" of our imaginary product. This is a great technique for teams and codebases of any size.

All of our meetups follow this format:
- 30 minute presentation
- 30 minute Q&A / discussion with food
- 1 hour hands-on coding workshop

If you'd like to come for any or all of the meetup, be our guest!

If you plan on doing the workshop, please come with a laptop, text editor, and GitHub account so you can clone our sample code and follow along.

If you only want to come for the free food and discussion, there is no need to bring anything but yourself.