Persisted Queries & Caching and The GraphQL Ecosystem

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📣Mark your calendars and join us on July 11 for an evening of talks and socializing! Special thanks to Shopify ( for providing the space, and OK GROW!( for providing pizza!

Speakers & Talks:
First speaker: Robert Saunders, Software Engineer, Shopify (
Talk: The GraphQL Ecosystem.
Description: GraphQL is powerful and can solve a variety of problems. There are a lot of tools that make using GraphQL easier, but it's not always easy to stay up to date and know whats available. This talk aims to showcase some of the most used tools in the GraphQL ecosystem, provide a look at what tools some of the top companies are using, and dive into some small examples of how to use those tools.

Second speaker: Kevin Jalbert, Software Engineer, theScore (
Talk: Persisted Queries with HTTP Caching.
Description: This talk will cover a bit of history regarding Persisted GraphQL Queries, along with the problems it solves. We will look at how to implement persisted queries in Rails and Express. As an extension to persisted queries, we will look at how to adapt them to take advantage of HTTP caching.

6:00 PM - Doors open + snacks.
6:30 PM - Talks begin.
8:30 PM - See you all next time! 👋