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🚀 Join us on the #4 GraphQL meetup in Wroclaw!

🇺🇸 It'll be the first event in English, as we're hosting fantastic speakers from Berlin.

Entrance is free but we have limited seating for only 120 people.

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📢 Talk #1

Snakes and ladders of GraphQL on our way to the perfect API
👨‍💻 Aleksandr Obukhov, Lead backend engineer @ AMBOSS

What boosted the AMBOSS migration to GraphQL, what caused questions, and how the team answered them.

Aleksandr Obukhov is a lead backend engineer who has been working for the past 18 months with the development team of AMBOSS on porting the service functionality to GraphQL API.

📢 Talk #2

Documenting GraphQL APIs for the real world
👨‍💻 Alexey Klochay, Founder&CEO @ Wizard on Demand

Try shipping a GraphQL API, not providing any docs, and leaving your Twitter DMs open… You’d sure be in for a fun time.

But even if you do provide the docs, how do you make sure your users and customers find the right information in the docs at the right time?

In this talk, Alexey covers why and how to document GraphQL APIs effectively, from the different approaches to creating the docs to defining the MVP for the docs site to the tooling to help you out with all the documentation tasks.

Alexey is the founder and CEO at Wizard on Demand. He works with developer-focused companies to create the best technical content out there, from blog posts and guides to documentation sites.

📢 Lightning Talk #3

Over-fetching? I have a bird for that!
👨‍💻 Radosław Miernik, Software Architect @ Vazco

📢 Lightning Talk #4

Generating production ready full-stack apps using GraphQL CLI and GraphBack
👨‍💻 Wojtek Trocki, Open Source Dev @ Red Hat

A very short talk about how GraphQL-CLI ecosystem can help you to build amazing apps.


🚴‍♂️ AGENDA 🚴‍♂️

19.00 - 19.10: Introduction
19.10 - 19.35: "Snakes and ladders of GraphQL on our way to the perfect API" - Aleksandr Obukhov
19.35 - 19.50: Q&A and a short break
19.50 - 20.15: "Documenting GraphQL APIs" - Alexey Klochay
20.15 - 20.30: Q&A and a short break
20.30: "Over-fetching? I have a bird for that!" - Radosław Miernik
20.40: "Generating production ready full-stack apps using GraphQL CLI and GraphBack" - Wojtek Trocki
20.55: Q&A and networking


See you soon!