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We're happy to announce the very first GraphQL Madrid Meetup 🎉 It will be held remotely at

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We'd like to thank This Dot Media ( for their hosting sponsorship! We'd like to thank Brikl ( for their community sponsorship!

Our MC for the evening will be Carlos Rufo (@swcarlosrj), who will introduce the GraphQL Madrid meetup core values, as well as speakers & sponsors.


🗓 Agenda

5:00 - 5:15
Welcome & Intro
Carlos Rufo - Organizer, GraphQL Madrid

5:15 - 5:45
How Gatsby uses GraphQL
Sid Chatterjee - Software Engineer, Gatsby

5:45 - 6:15
Using YugabyteDB with Hasura
Vladimir Novick - Software Consultant, Vladimir Novick Labs

6:15 - 6:45
The New GraphCMS
Jesse Martin - Developer Relations, GraphCMS


🗣 Talks

Sid Chatterjee (@chatsidhartha)
Software Engineer, Gatsby (
🔮 How Gatsby uses GraphQL
GraphQL is one of the best things to have happened to modern web development. You might've heard that Gatsby uses GraphQL but Gatsby compiles away your GraphQL queries at build time. It's also what makes fetching data from 100s of different data sources possible and intuitive in Gatsby. In this talk, we'll dive deep into Gatsby's GraphQL layer and talk about automatic schema inference, schema customisation, build time query extraction and more.

Vladimir Novick (@VladimirNovick)
Software Consultant, Vladimir Novick Labs (
🔥 Using YugabyteDB with Hasura to scale your GraphQL API globally
Creating and scaling your GraphQL API can be hard. In this talk we will see not only how we can easily create GraphQL API with Hasura engine, but how we can reduce the common bottleneck - database by bringing high performance distributed SQL database - YugabyteDB. We will see how our GraphQL api will continue to work even in case of catastrophic failures of database nodes, discuss load balancing, how to deploy and manage it and more"

Jesse Martin (@motleydev)
Developer Relations, GraphCMS (
💡 The New GraphCMS
As a GraphQL first CMS, we always try to reach spec completion wherever possible. We’ve just released our latest version with some great new features. And of course, we have free developer accounts!


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See y'all there 👋