What we're about

What is this Meetup about? Fearless Feats Daily, is a place to reengage in joyful action everyday and share those feats with others.

What are Fearless Feats? Life can knock us down with great loss and difficult changes, leading many of us to no longer experience daily joyful actions. Fearless Feats are the small(and sometimes larger) activities we used to participate in, i.e. gardening, exercising, dancing, getting out socially, etc..etc…that we must bring back into our lives.

What will happen in first Meetup 1.You will meet others who are ready to reengage themselves in Fearless Feats. 2.You will be given assistance in your joyful action reintroduction with useful tools 3.you will find a support community for yourself and your Fearless Feats.

Past events (4)

Would you guys like to Salsa?

151 Union Square Event Center

Im hosting a Dance Party for Shy Dancers

Fletcher's Dance Hall

Join in the first Meetup to bring joyful action back into your life

KVMR Radio Station Building; community room