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We get together at least once a month to play Grateful Dead tunes at a practice studio in midtown. Amps, drums, mics, and keyboards are provided by the studio and the cost for one room is usually $60-70 for three hours split between everyone. There is a usual revolving cast of characters and we encourage people of all skill levels to come play. The veterans tend to lead and the beginners are happy to follow.

We are not trying to start a real band (although you can) and we don't spend much time circling back to do things over. The Studio is byob and our usual room has a couch in it so even if you don't play an instrument, come on down.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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Sunday Jam?
Needs a date and time

Music Makers New York

Nothing to do today but smile, smile, smile. Anybody want to jam?

Sunday Funday?
Needs a date and time

Music Makers New York

The fun police confiscated my drum sticks on the way into the Garden last Saturday. What's up with that? Anybody interested in getting together Sunday afternoon to kick around some tunes and possibly some longer free form jams? The other option would be an acoustic patio jam in Weehawken. I have a sweet chiminae that is quite cozy. Email me directly if you're interested in a patio jam.

Phishy Jam?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Maybe Friday(5/6) night or Saturday(5/7) afternoon this week if anyone is interested. Would be cool to play around with some of the jams and easier songs/grooves. Some I think we could do: Mikes Gin Reba Jam Hood (I know bits of the composed section but can do the jam) 2001 Twist YEM Jam Ghost Sand Steam (maybe...certainly not all the words) Waves Antelope Jam Maze And whatever else we can remember to figure out

Tonight !! Forever Grateful @ BarNine 8-10:30pm!!

Come on down to Shakedown street with Forever Grateful Tonight! @ BarNine $3 Beers ! New Tunes - Good Times!

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