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This a group for people who are looking for ways to be better stewards of the earth, who want to work with others to help create a world that is more peaceful, equitable, healthy, and resilient, who want to reduce their own and others' dependence on unsustainable economic, energy, and food systems, and who are passionate about building a stronger, more supportive local community while learning from and sharing with people and communities around the country and the world.

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Intro to Permaculture Retreat @ Caswell Farm

Caswell Farm & Wedding Barn


Where to place that garden? How to raise household and community resilience? What does permaculture have to do with economics?

Join us for an overnight to learn about all these things and more. You will get the basics of permaculture: ethics and principles, food-system awareness, household and community resilience planning, and practical climate response relevant to our bioregion from Rachel Lyn Rumson of 207Permaculture, L3C and friends. It is a perfect location to explore, reflect, and imagine, rest and restore. You will develop confidence with this high-information and high-imagination approach to resilience planning, ethical land use and ecological systems design, known as permaculture. You will come away with a good foundation for applying permaculture and some new friends to connect with about it. You will have a permaculture imagination. Space is limited to 24 people, a minimum of 12 is required to run the program.

Participants in this Permaculture Retreat will work through an understanding of permaculture and contribute in a live participatory design process, culminating in a process of shaping a practical permaculture design together based on realistic goals for the Farm and Wedding Barn Business. That process will include site assessment, pattern literacy, light mapping and rendering skills, and application of new concepts like zones of use and sector analysis.

We gather at the beautiful Caswell Farm on Saturday morning August 28th and spend two days together, departing on Sunday August 29th 2021. Gaia’s Plant-based Kitchen is providing dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. There is a potluck lunch on Saturday and leftovers on Sunday. Please prepare a dish to share.

Registration for this workshop is required. When you sign up for this meetup, you will receive an invitation to register by way of a third-party and make a donation to support costs of running the program. Donations are suggested on a sliding-scale $60 to $120. Our budget is based on $99 per person. If you have extra cash, please contribute to support someone who does not.

Some student comments from the last iteration of this workshop:

"I am impressed with the way the course was taught. It is great fun getting together in a small group like that and learning new things."

“It was excellent!!! I left the gathering thrilled and excited by all I'd learned."

“It was a great experience to walk through the initial analysis phase of a permaculture design. I came away with a better understanding of how to approach permaculture design and some of the questions to ask. ”

“It was superb. Much more than I could have reasonably expected. I'm very excited. ”

More Details:

By signing up for this event you are signing up for a two-day workshop, meeting both Saturday and Sunday; about 12 contact hours of course time, plus both potluck and prepared meals times, overnight camping at Caswell Farm, a movie in the barn and a campfire conversation. Down time is built in.

● Permaculture Background, Ethics and Design Principles
● Design Process and Goals Articulation
● Pattern Literacy (Hands-on)
● Reading the Landscape and Data Gathering (Hands-on)
● Real Life Examples / Strategies
● Analysis Techniques and Options (Hands-on)
● Integrating Energy + Shelter Concepts
● Data Synthesis + Site analysis
● Creation of Draft Design

Handouts and copies of all presentations will be provided. A selection of permaculture-related resources will be on display for reference and inspiration.

Please wear weather-appropriate footwear and dress in layers. We will be gathering for class in the barn and going in and out. Please bring a notebook, pencil, pens, and water bottle to class. Coffee and Tea will be provided all day. Break will feature a potluck. Please bring a dish of something to share and also bring your potluck "kit" (plate or bowl, utensils, etc.) to make this a zero-waste event. Also, bring a tent. We are camping up to the farm!

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