What we're about

We are a community of tech enthusiasts interested in programming. We provide a place to explore the Rust language (https://www.rust-lang.org/) together, give and listen to talks on interesting topics around its ecosystem and organize workshops for this exciting new language. In particular:

• We meet every last thursday of the month at lab10 (https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4028979389)

• English is the preferred language. If every participant speaks German, we occasionally switch to German.

• We mainly do talks, but occasionally, we are going to do coding dojos, jeopardies or lightning talks.

• Slides will be published in our github repository (https://github.com/rust-user-group-graz)

Interested in the language? Feel free to join us. Even if you have no experience with rust, we hope to provide a good discussion environment for everyone. Just drop by and share your opinions and knowledge. We are all learning from each other!

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unsafe & traits

lab10 - Incubator & Coworking Space

This month I want to start talking about rust's type system. But I have some side topics. In particular, we are going to discuss the following topics: 1. I am going to talk about “unsafe”. Unsafe is rust's mechanism to bypass some limitations of rust's borrow checker and type checker. A current incident with the actix-web library is related to the topic. But besides the technical aspects, I am going to talk about the societal aspects of FLOSS development. 2. I am going to introduce traits. Traits are rust's primitive building blocks for its type system. I want to discuss coherence, representation in the documentation. Also we are going to discuss some common traits of the standard library. Maybe we will also talk about its relation to modularization and similarity to Haskell's type classes. But we might save it for next time. 3. If some time is left, we are going to play one round of Jeopardy. Please recall that the Unicode talks last month took too long and we did not play any round of Jeopardy.

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Unicode & Jeopardy

lab10 - Incubator & Coworking Space

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