What we're about

If you love great reading and illuminating discussion, we are the group for you!

We come from all ages and backgrounds, joining once a month to discuss engaging stories, poems, essays, and (occasionally) novels. Selections are drawn from diverse places and times, and are carefully chosen to inspire lively conversation about important ideas. For 2019, our group will read the Great Books Foundation’s anthology, “Great Conversations 1.”

[You can order the anthology at https://store.greatbooks.org/colleges-book-... (https://store.greatbooks.org/colleges-book-groups/great-conversations-1.html)]

We need your viewpoint! Each participant brings their own interpretation of a reading, and everyone grows through shared inquiry as we express our thoughts and judgements.


The Great Books Foundation has been publishing discussion guides and anthologies for over 70 years. They advocate a conversation format called Shared Inquiry, a method of learning that promotes close reading, careful questioning, active listening, and the respectful exchange of ideas. Through Shared Inquiry discussions of enduring literature, they advance social and civic engagement and help people of all ages think critically about their own lives and the world we share.

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