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Astrology and Tarot Great Britain Meetups is for people who are either curious about horoscopes, students, or working professionals. Hosted by Jessica Adams (https://www.jessicaadams.com (http://www.jessicaadams.com)) and astrologer friends Stephanie Johnson ( http://www.esotech.com.au ) and Joanne Madeline Moore ( http://www.bohoastro.com ) - with special guest speakers from across the nation and around the world - these social gatherings are friendly, fun and always free. See you there!

The afternoon session of our Meetups is open to all. Premium Member of https://www.jessicaadams.com (http://www.jessicaadams.com) and Sun Sign School student https://sunsignschool.com/ ­ have the option to attend an exclusive morning session. Do remember to RSVP Brooke Dingle brooke.d.pa@gmail.com - if you would like to attend any or all of these events. Do bring a guest! Jessica Adams.

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Jessica Adams and Victor Olliver - London Astrology Event

A day of astrology with Victor Olliver (The Lady, The Ethical Hedonist) and Jessica Adams (2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide) on 16th May 2020 - from 11am to 5pm in London, by kind invitation of Dr Yubraj Sharma, principal of the D. Astromed. course in Medical and Esoteric Astrology. World of Light Ltd 102 Chaplin Road Willesden London NW2 5PR Telephone[masked] Admission: £25 for APAI Members, £30 Non-Members. Buffet lunch and refreshments included. To book your place please email Robert Anderson at: [masked] For more information please visit the website https://professionalastrologers.co.uk/events Morning - Mystique: The Charts of ‘Sphinxes’ by Victor Olliver When theatricality blends with an air of secrecy in a person, we call this ‘mystique’. Garbo had it. Bowie too. Is there a chart signature for this type of glamour? The Great Sphinx of Giza holds clues to a better understanding of nativities dominated by the signs of Leo and Virgo. Victor first gave this talk at the 2019 AA Conference and has updated and expanded it for the APAI. Afternoon - Secret Star Language by Jessica Adams  Jupiter was known on the Silk Road as Brihaspati to the Indians and the Year Star to the Chinese. Today in India they call him Guru. He is associated with the lotus in India and the oak tree in Ancient Rome, and has long been a symbol of both learning and growth, but how does he work in all three astrology systems, and why do your ‘three Jupiter signs’ give you a global perspective?

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Astrology and Tarot on The Barge at Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina

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