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Welcome to Astrology and Tarot Meetups. We have three sites in New York, London and Sydney.

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You can choose to attend our free, ticketed or Premium Member events throughout the year:

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Please use your full name (first name and surname) when joining or re-joining and use a clear photograph of your face.

Astrology and Tarot MeetUps are part of The Astrology Show co-ordinated by Alicia Fulton @astrologyshow and presented by Jessica Adams @jessicacadams . Thank you

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THIS IS AN EXTERNALLY HOSTED EVENT. TO REGISTER YOU MUST GO TO THE MAYO ASTROLOGY WEBSITE: https://mayoastrology.com/product/mayo-astrology-online-conference-2023/

Navigating the Future through Astrological Forecasting

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April 2023
10AM – 6PM (UK time/UT/GMT)

Jessica Adams • Israel Ajose • Lynn Bell • Dr. Bernadette Brady • Mychal A. Bryan • Wade Caves • Darby Costello • Maurice Fernandez
Alexander Kolesnikov • Lianne McCafferty • Melanie Reinhart • Wendy Stacey • Dr. Richard Tarnas • Dr. Mark Williams

The Mayo School will be holding the 2023 online student conference via Zoom so you can join in from anywhere in the world. We are proud to host an amazing line-up of experienced international speakers from a variety of astrological approaches. There are two days packed with a wide range of lectures and additional workshops by Bernadette Brady and Lynn Bell.

The conference is open to students and professionals of astrology at all levels and hopes to bring you an insightful and memorable weekend of astrological learning.

When you register you will receive

  • Full access to all of the talks on one day or for the full weekend
  • An opportunity to register for the workshops
  • A chance to mingle in the online coffee shop
  • Recordings for what you have registered with for 90 days!

£75.00 – £199.00

50% DISCOUNT IF YOU USE CODE ‘MAYO50’ AT CHECKOUT! For a limited time only!

🕗 Please check timebuddy for your time zone
Programme subject to change

The New Moon Zoom Great Britain Event with Astrologer Jessica Adams

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We are hosting three free Zoom events in America, England and Australia on the luckiest New Moon of 2023: the New Moon at 28 Taurus alongside Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus.

Numbers are limited for each event.

Please register now and then return to this event page/check your email for a email from Meetup which will include the Zoom registration link,.
This Zoom registration link will be shared on the 12th May.

Note: you will still need to take the step of registering for the Zoom before being sent the Zoom link.

This event is open all our Meetup members. No Premium Membership to www.jessicaadams.com is required for this event.

Visit this Time and Date Event Announcer to see exact time this event begins in your location

Conscious Cafe: Your Six Month Astrology & Tarot Forecast With Jessica Adams

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A TICKETED, EXTERNALLY HOSTED, EVENT. TO REGISTER YOU MUST VISIT THIS WEBSITE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/your-six-month-astrology-and-tarot-forecast-with-jessica-adams-tickets-577021285197

July, August, September, October, November and December 2023 bring a brand new cycle. The South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries are here for the first time since 2005. What is in store for your Sun Sign? How about your birth chart?

The South Node in Libra shows partnership karma for yourself or another. You’ll draw a Tarot card at this session to see how that karma will play out over the cycle, beginning on July 18th 2023.

The North Node in Aries cycle, also starting on July 18th 2023, concerns your title, reputation and appearance and owes a great deal to[masked]. Your Tarot card will show you what you owe, spiritually from that time – or what you are owed.

Drawing a Tarot card for these two specific cycles will show you how the Libra South Node cycle plays out in your Seventh House of partnerships, duets and duels – and how the Aries North Node cycle plays out in your First House of title, reputation and appearance.

If you have Libra and/or Aries factors in your natal chart this is particularly important to you.

Jessica Adams will also take live chat questions at this event hosted by Conscious Cafe's Gina Lazenby. Premium Members of jessicaadams.com can follow up with more questions afterwards about the nodes in their new signs – and the whole horoscope - on her website.

Please note that a recording of the event is included in the ticket price and will be sent to everyone who registers. Once you've registered, a Zoom link for the event will be sent to you the day before.

Global Timings for this online event:
London 11.00am
Helsinki 1.00pm
Sydney 8.00pm
Auckland 10.00pm
Montreal 6.00am
New York 6.00am

See other locations at this Event Announcer

Watch Jessica Adams’ most recent ConsciousCafe event on YouTube: https://youtu.be/V7exQFchgwc

Libra Weather 2023 with Astrologers Jessica Adams & Deborah Houlding

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This event is complimentary for all Premium Members of jessicaadams.com to attend

The Libra Weather in 2023 MeetUp event is complimentary for Premium Members of jessicaadams.com, who can also ask questions in an exclusive accompanying feature. Membership to jessicaadams.com begin at US$7.

You will still need to register for the Zoom prior to the event. The Zoom registration link will appear in a Premium Member access feature on Libra Weather on jessicaadams.com one week prior to the event. We will provide the link to this feature on this MeetUp page for easy access & also email it to everyone who has registered their interest.

Libra Weather 2023
The South Node in Libra. Do you have Libra factors in your astrology birth chart? How will the South Node in your Seventh House of marriage, divorce, partnership and separation influence you in 2023 and 2024?

Speaking at the event will be Astrologers Jessica Adams (see bio below) and Deborah Houlding.

Deborah Houlding, founder of the STA School of Traditional Astrology is based in the UK and has worked as an astrological consultant since the late 1980s. She is widely known in the astrological community as an international speaker and researcher on the development of astrological techniques. She was the editor of The Traditional Astrologer magazine (1993 to 2000) and is the creator of the Skyscript astrology website.

Deborah’s book, The Houses: Temples of the Sky (Wessex, 2006) is regarded as an essential text for anyone seeking an informed knowledge of the development and practical use of astrological houses. She is also the author, with Oner Doser, of Soru Astrolojisi: Horary Astrology (2015).

Premium Members can ask questions in an exclusive website feature 7 days before the Zoom event. Check jessicaadams.com, that week. Your Zoom link invitation will also appear in the feature, 7 days before the event.

Hobart: Sunday 16th July 7.00am-8.00am
London: Saturday 15th July 10:00pm-11.00pm
New York: Saturday 15th July 5.00pm-6.00pm

See the date/time for this event in your exact location: Time and Date Event Time Announcer - Libra Weather 2023 Event

Owing to the personal nature of some questions, these Zoom events will not be recorded. Astrology and Tarot Meetup events are hosted by Alicia Fulton. You will have the chance to draw a Tarot card live at the event from Jessica’s website. Please leave your camera on and use your full name when attending. Jessica will answer as many questions as possible in the accompanying feature, 7 days after the event. Thank you.

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Taurus Weather in 2023 with Astrologers Jessica Adams & Deborah Houlding

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