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The Great Conversations Meetup is a private discussion group which seeks to create a fun, social and intellectually rich environment where open-minded people can get together to talk about interesting things. We come from all walks of life—poets, painters, doctors, writers, grad students, musicians, business-people—each with an interest in learning about and discussing a multiplicity of topics in a meaningful way. There's a wealth of different worldviews and life experience present at these events. All are welcome to apply. Membership requires organizer approval and a high standard of behavior.


Participants must express a positive, courteous, non-confrontational attitude, and adhere to the following rules:

1) be respectful in your communication with other members, both online and during our in-person events;

2) be mindful of not monopolizing the discussions;

3) keep your RSVP setting up to date;

4) only attend if you're a member (or their invited guest) who has signed up for that particular event and are not still on the waitlist;

5) be prompt in arriving;

6) sign your name on the attendance sheet at the event;

7) do not post topic-related material on the event page (we're a 100% face-to-face discussion group).


Our conversations are wide-ranging and at considerable depth. We usually have an assigned overall theme for each event—with a philosophical appeal—often in conjunction with a carefully chosen article, essay, video or book as the suggested background material for the evening's conversation.

Previous discussions have explored the concepts of practical wisdom; heresy; patriotism; the martial arts; quality design; the nature of work; the common good; and the science, psychology and philosophy of superheroes.

This is not a debate club, an academically-focused or analytic philosophy group, an overly political forum, or a place for dogmatic argument. We're a casual group of intelligent, good-natured people looking to have a soda or a beer, talk about big ideas, and connect with new or current friends.

If the standards, vision and methodology of this group are not to your liking, we ask that you simply disengage. Members who are disruptive, disrespectful, violate our Code of Conduct, or whose attitude or behavior is otherwise not a good fit with this Meetup will be removed.

If you would like to participate in a friendly, intellectually stimulating dialogue—and you enjoy socializing with others—we encourage you to apply. Membership requires approval, and is not guaranteed. Having an actual photo of yourself as your profile image will help significantly with our comfort-level if you are not currently known to us. We welcome your intelligent conversation and camaraderie!

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