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The theme for this book club is "Great Females in Literature" and includes any genre that has great female characters or authors. Our club is for women only, (including trans, cis, and NB women), we do not accept men into our group. Our club meets on the second Wednesday of every month in Studio City. Join our club if you love reading and discussing great books with ladies of all types!


What kind of book club is this?
This is a book focused one. We love wine & talking about TV shows, but save that for after the book discussion.

How serious is this discussion?
Not very. We welcome all input, there's no wrong opinion, this isn't a competition to see who's got the deepest understanding of literature. One of my favorite quotes is from Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies: “I picked something with lots of sex drugs and murder” Madeleine had said “so we have a lively discussion. Ideally there should be an argument.” Joking aside, I don't actually want an argument. Disagreement is fine, disrespect is not.

Is there wine?
No. Aroma café has applied for a beer & wine license but as of February 2020 it has not been approved.

Who Should Attend?
Women (including NB, trans, & cis) of any race over 18 who love respectfully discussing books!

What is the format?
Feel free to show up early & order food in the front if you want, they'll bring it to our tall long table in the backyard. We start close to 7pm unless a lot of people are late, then we might wait a bit. First we have an icebreaker question to get to know each other a little bit. Then I read the biography of the author. Then we get into the questions, usually about 8-12 of them. After that we stay as late as we want & talk about whatever we want. Aroma closes at 11pm.

How do you decide what books to read?
We vote. I create a poll, usually the weekend after we meet, with 5 books to choose from. Sometimes there's a theme, sometimes it's a mix. Members have a week to vote, then the poll is closed, & the meetup created. For example after our August meetup I'll create the poll for October's book, that way there's plenty of time to read the book before the next meetup.

Where do you get book suggestions from?
There's a list I manage on goodreads.com 'Book Club Suggestions', friend me to get access to it. After we read a book I move it to the list 'Book Club Read'. The list has been populated by member suggestions over the years. Members can make suggestions after discussion, or message me through meetup or goodreads.com.

What if I'm late?
It happens, try not to be disruptive. We're all adults, if you need to show up late or leave early it's understandable once in a while.

If I haven't read the book can I still attend?
Of course! As long as you don't mind hearing spoilers of the story and ending you don't need to read the book to enjoy the discussion. I don't always read the book. I don't promise to read it; but I promise to show up & bring the questions.

Why Am I STILL On the Wait List?
Our max group size is 12, this is because Aroma literally only has 12 tall chairs for the tall table we sit at. Preference is given to members with years of consistent RSVP's. You don't have to attend regularly, just be accurate if you can make it. No-shows are less likely to get off the wait list. I start the event with 1 spot open, after a few days I move members from the wait list to "going."

Anything else I should know?
This is a great group & a fun meetup for many years. It's rare that there are any issues. Don't interrupt others. Read the room; speak up, don't hesitate to contribute but don't feel like you have to chime in on every single thing. If others are looking down every time you talk; it's a sign they're not interested. Not every meetup is a good fit for everyone. Personally I'm in a few other book clubs that I don't host because I like more social book clubs as well; however I've left a few meet up groups because it wasn't a good fit. If people keep saying "let's bring it back to the book" to you, it's a sign it's not going well. Name calling, slurs etc. will not be tolerated. Membership is at my discretion. Depending on the incident I may give a warning, or I may remove you from the group.

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