What we're about

The theme for this book club is "Great Females in Literature" and includes any genre that has great female characters or authors. Our club is for women only, (including trans, cis, and NB women); we do not accept men into our group. Our club meets on the second Wednesday of every month on Zoom. Join us if you love reading and discussing great books with ladies of all types!


What kind of book club is this?

This is a book-focused group, which is currently meeting online due to the pandemic. At some point in the not too distant future, I hope we can resume in-person Meetups.

How serious is this discussion?

Not very. We welcome all input, there's no wrong opinion, this isn't a competition to see who's got the deepest understanding of literature. Disagreement is fine, disrespect is not.

Is there wine?

Since we're meeting online at present, this is a BYOB Meetup.

Who Should Attend?

Women (including NB, trans, & cis) of any race over 18 who love discussing books!

What is the format?

We are meeting on Zoom; currently the time is 7:00 pm. to 9:00 pm. I will post the code ahead of time and admit you. I'll be there a little early as I prefer to start on time and end on time. Traditionally, we have an icebreaker question in order for us to get know one other a little better. Then I read the biography of the author. If there are "book group" questions for the selection, we can go through them; otherwise, I'm going to have to wing it. Just kidding. I'll try to have some questions to get us started.

How do you decide what books to read?

We vote. I create a poll a couple of months ahead ideally, with 5 books to choose from. Sometimes there's a theme, sometimes it's a mix. Members have a week to vote, then the poll is closed, and the meetup created.

Where do you get book suggestions from?

My plan is to post the new theme a couple of months out to the Message Board, requesting suggestions, select five and put up a poll for the membership to vote. Right now, during the transition to a new organizer, out of necessity, I'm picking out the five books for the polls.

What if I'm late?

It happens. Just try not to be disruptive. We're all adults. If you need to show up late or leave early, it's understandable once in a while.

If I haven't read the book, may I still attend?

Yes. As long as you don't mind hearing spoilers of the story and ending, but I think you'll have more fun if you do. If you have said you'll attend, and something comes up that prevents you from doing so, please change your status from “going” to “not going.” That way you won't be listed as a “no show.”

Why Am I STILL On the Wait List?

Right now, there is no waiting list because we're on Zoom, and we're only averaging six or seven attendees. If and when we begin to meet in person again, or if Zoom attendance goes way, way up, this will most likely have to change.

Anything else I should know?

Don't interrupt others. Read the room; speak up, don't hesitate to contribute but don't feel like you have to chime in on every single thing. Not every meetup is a good fit for everyone. If people keep saying "let's bring it back to the book" to you, that's a sign that you've gone off topic. Name calling, slurs etc. will not be tolerated. Membership is at my discretion. Depending on the incident, I may give a warning, or I may remove you from the group.

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