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Do you love a great hike followed by amazing food? Do you want to go stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, snowshoeing, or tubing down the river? Maybe you just want to go out and explore the culinary paradise that is Portland, and meet new people in the process.

We'll head out to idyllic waterfalls and top-of-the-world mountain peak vistas in the Gorge, the coast, Mt Hood, and beyond. There will also be shorter hikes in the Portland area that will be followed by visits to excellent local restaurants.

We may also go on a chocolate tour of Portland, go berry picking on Sauvie Island, cycle along the beach at the coast, and much more. It's all about amazing experiences while meeting new people.

Join this group today to experience a world of unparalleled beauty, with incredible people, and amazing food. 20s to 40s only please.

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Ole's Cave & Daddy D's Southern Style Barbecue

Gateway/NE 99th Ave TC Park & Ride

[Quest Completion Requirements: 4 mi. Hiking, 2.5 mi. Cave Exploration, Climbing and Crawling Challenges] Each day, hundreds of casual adventurers flock to the slopes of Mount St. Helens to raid the volcanic dungeon known as Ape Cave. But veteran players know that the best rewards can be found in the lesser-known secret dungeons scattered in hidden locations around the map. And out of all the secret levels I've managed to unlock so far, I have to say that Ole's Cave is the best in game. Our quest begins at a locked gate leading to a road normally accessible only to players of the Lumberjack class. Though vehicles cannot pass without the proper key, a clipping glitch allows players on foot to cross the barrier and proceed. After about a mile of hiking the road leads to the Lava Fields stage, where the landscape transitions from dense forest to a sparse and rocky volcanic plain, cracked and rifted from an ancient period of geological turmoil. A faint trail leads us another mile to the dungeon entrance. Soon after entering the cave a wall of large boulders obstructs our path, requiring a small investment of ability points into the Climbing skill to progress. In the following stages keep an eye out for Rings, a signature geological treasure of Ole's Cave -- circular markers where falling debris splashed into the cave floor while the rock was still fluid, leaving ripples frozen in the cooling stone. Hold [⇩] to crawl on hands and knees through the cave's tighter passages, and platform-jump between sections of collapsed floor where a small secondary tunnel runs underfoot. Also, prepare for an encounter with the Underworld Guardian, a face-shaped rock formation that looms over your path through the dark. We reach the end of our dungeon crawl at a wide open skylight leading back to the Overworld. But the adventure doesn't necessarily end here, for the cave features a slightly more difficult bonus level for more advanced players. Complete the stage for an alternate ending! Ole's Cave presents rich graphical details that make it one of the most engaging adventures in the St. Helens region. But before attempting to clear this dungeon, check for the following equipment in your inventory: • At least 2 Lightcasting Wands (required) with extra Energy Packs. • 1 Helm of Stalactite Protection (recommended). Equip the Headlamp augment to keep your hands free and avoid taking DEX penalties. • Sturdy Boots to buff your movement over obstacles and difficult terrain. • Leather Gauntlets (optional) to protect against Abrasion damage. • Long Pants (recommended) and Kneeguards (optional) to prevent continuous HP loss during Crawling challenges. • Solar Protective Balm to cast temporary immunity to Rad damage while crossing the sun-exposed Lava Fields. • Power Bars and Vials of Refreshment to replenish stamina. Also, please note that friendly Cave Bats are known to camp within this dungeon, and they are vulnerable to a fungus that inflicts fatal DOT if infected. Careless adventurers may transmit this deadly fungus from cave to cave -- so if your boots, packs, or other equipment have been used in any other caves, please bless your items with a Disinfectant spell before entering. We'd hate to see these bats get nerfed to extinction. Upon successful completion of Ole's Cave, our party will gather in the village of Woodburn for some celebratory barbecue at Daddy D's. https://www.daddydsbbq.com/#menu The last time I played on the St. Helens map, the event timer expired before I could try this restaurant for myself -- but I have never seen a barbecue joint so highly reviewed by the player base. Legend has it that their hand-rubbed, house-smoked meats are the best in the Northwest, the sweet tea is totally legit, and the sweet potato pie is to die and respawn for over and over again. Even players migrating from the Southern server seem to leave absolutely impressed. Are you hype for some authentic Southern-style barbecue? I know I am!

Oregon Zoo Roars and Pours

Oregon Zoo

Lions, Tigers and no kids -oh my! Come enjoy a 21 and over evening in the zoo. With live entertainment, program animals, keeper talks, lawn games, and trivia, it's sure to be an evening to remember. The event starts at 6pm and ends at 9pm. Lets meet at 545 at the bike parking area just up hill of the zoo entrance across from the max station. We will then explore the grounds for a few hours before stopping off at one of the food carts for dinner and maybe a elephant ear. Purchase your tickets ahead of time: https://shop.oregonzoo.org/#/SpecialEvents/HappyHours RSVP - for this event does not grant you entry to the zoo you must purchase tickets and I recommend you do it ahead of time. -sorry I don't have the eloquence of my co-organizers

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