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Meet other local men and fathers to discuss fairness in family law and the equal treatment of men and fathers in family court, laws and society. Our objective is to promote and preserve active, caring and responsible fatherhood. Our mission statement -To Secure Equal Parenting Rights and Responsibilities for men and women by: -Raising awareness of the social problems and harm to children caused by fatherlessness. -Reversing government laws and policies that promote fatherlessness. -Restoring constitutional protections for fundamental rights in Family Law. -Restricting state intrusions into the sanctity of the family We are a chapter of state-wide "The Fatherhood Coalition" at www.fatherhoodcoalition.org.

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Repeal MGL 209A (so-called ‘Abuse Prevention’) Campaign Kicks Off Tues., 9/ 27!

Our effort to repeal the draconian 209A law is on track after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ordered the Mass. Attorney General’s office to allow the initiative petition to proceed. Under the so-called ‘domestic violence’ law many individuals are separated from their children, thrown out of their homes, forced into the court system and even incarcerated for non-violent acts and for charges without any merit. Due process rights are ignored under a law which presumes a person is guilty before any crime is committed. The most benign actions, even unintentional ones, are considered criminal by a law destructive to normal healthy relationships within families. Signature gathering will begin this Tuesday September 27, 2011. We encourage all those who have been adversely affected by the law and all who are concerned about fair treatment of men and fathers to help collect the required 68,900 signatures from registered voters. Email [masked] or call[masked] to have petition sheets delivered to you. Please spread the word through your social media.

Letter Writing Campaign to Support Revision of NH 'Domestic Violence' Law

New Hampshire takes first step to fix horrible 'domestic violence' law. Would require proof of abuse/violence before arrest. Here's the bill and committee pages for this NH House Bill 1581, a solid step in the right direction to correct the travesty of the DV law in NH. http://gencourt.state... (http://gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/bill_status.aspx?lsr=2800&sy=2012&sortoption&txtsessionyear=2012&q=1) Write the committee to show support for HB 1581! http://www.gencourt.s... (http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/committees/committeedetails.aspx?code=H26)

Jane Doe: Stop Demonizing Men and Boys!
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Each year Jane Doe Inc. around March 1 promotes the 'White Ribbon Campaign' at which men, and only men, are encouraged to criticize themselves for so-called 'violence against women by men'. This hateful and disingenuous event is based on the false premise that only men are violent when logic and common experience make it clear that both men and women are capable of and engage in violent acts. The 'White Ribbon Campaign' however promotes stereotypes and discrimination against men. This year we are petitioning the sponsors of the 'White Ribbon Campaign' asking them to end their support of this event. Please sign this Petition to the sponsors (http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Jane-Doe-Stop-Demonizing-Men-and-Boys/) of the Jane Doe event and spread though your networks.

Election Poll-Warren v. Brown
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Massachusetts US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren will vote to put innocent fathers in jail. Senator, and candidate, Brown has already done so. Vote in this poll as to whether you would send a message that neither one is acceptable by 'blanking the ballot'. If you intend to 'blank the ballot' call the Warren or Brown office and let them know you will vote for neither candidate because of their anti-male, anti-father positions. Contact Warren at[masked] Contact Brown at (857)[masked] http://www.fatherhoodcoalition.org/newsite/content/elizabeth-warren-will-vote-jail-innocent-fathers-senator-brown-has-already-done-so-do-you-fa

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