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Learn and improve Agile development skills by collaboratively working on a programming challenge.

“A Coding Dojo is a meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge (called coding Kata). They are there have fun and to engage in DeliberatePractice in order to improve their skills (and learn new skills)”. (from codingdojo.org, (http://codingdojo.org) excluding text in parentheses). Some of the skills practiced will include test driven development (London style and standard), modifying legacy code, refactoring, setting up a continuous development / integration environment (in a single session), and stubbing / mocking (including discussion of pros and cons).

A coding kata will be selected in preparation for the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the rules of the game and the kata will be explained. Then, we start coding. We will use Java with the Eclipse IDE (at subsequent sessions, we will expand to include full stack). Everyone will participate in coding on a single screen using “mob programming” techniques. In this approach, everyone takes turn driving (typing), navigating (directing), and participating (giving feedback and suggestions). At the end of the session we conduct a retrospective to understand collectively what we’ve learned, what did we like, how it could be improved, and what we would like to do in the future. Participant feedback will be used to shape subsequent sessions. We can try other languages and other approaches (like pair programming) at other sessions. After the session, anyone interested can socialize at a nearby restaurant.

Meetings are scheduled at Impact Hub Boston every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 6-8:30 pm, with the first meetup scheduled for September 25 Food is provided - a contribution to defray the cost is appreciated but not required. Each meeting will be independent. Meetings are limited to 12. This meetup is appropriate for all skill levels, from experienced to people with no coding experience at all.

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