What we're about

This group is for women who won't be silent about our oppression anymore. If you feel consumed with anger and hopelessness after recent political events, join us. We will share our stories and consider what we can personally do to achieve change.

Who is welcome to join us?

All female identifying people.

Goals & Guidelines

We want this group to be an amazing space for women to be heard, participate in a community and feel valued! To do that we've set a couple of goals:

• This group is a safe space. This means that everyone is encouraged to bring their opinions and engage in lively discussion. Respect must be maintained at all times. We will not all agree all of the time. It is through diversity of opinions that we learn and grow. This can only happen when mutual respect is maintained. All members are encouraged to reach out to an organizer if there is a violation of this safe space guideline or with any suggestions to better foster it. Anyone in violation of this will be removed from the group.

• Each meetup needs to have at least 5 attendees

• Some meetups will have limited space. For this reason, we require an accurate RSVP for these events. Anyone who does not show up (or cancels last minute) for events with limited space will be removed from the group. Feel free to rejoin when your schedule allows you to attend!

Past events (15)

"The Audacity," a play

Boston Center for the Arts

"Release the Mueller Report" March

Boston Common

"Grandma" starring Lily Tomlin (abortion topic)

Worcester Public Library Frances Perkins Branch

Photos (20)