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Greater Boston IANDS is a discussion forum open to people who have had a near-death experience (NDE) or who have personal or professional interest in the latest research about higher consciousness. We are new to Meetup in the Boston and Southern New Hampshire areas and want to start meetings in places were people are interested in discussing Near-Death and similar Experiences. If you would like to Meetup, please let us know when and where.

IANDS stands for International Association for Near-Death Studies.

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IANDS Silent Prayers for Persons on our Minds and in our Hearts Meetup

Watertown Free Public Library

IANDS Silent Prayers for Persons on our Minds and in our Hearts but not physically in our Lives at this time Meetup Today's topics will include conversation interspersed with brief moments of silent prayer. The amount of time to be spent in prayer at any one time will be decided by the group participants. There will also be a break part way through. Areas of Focus: If you would like us to mention anyone by name, reply to this email with the names or bring them with you when you attend. We start with prayers for people that we know and then move to people we do not know personally. Bring your suggestions about who you would like to pray for. Example: MIA/POW, Missing Children and Adults. If you cannot attend, you are welcome to join us in silent-prayer from where you are during this time. Thank-You to all the people who took part last month both in person and through prayer from where they were at that time. Silent-Prayer is a term used here to reflect a non-denominational process that can be viewed as a time of silent reflection and meditation using each person's approach to maintaining the intended focus on person(s) or subject(s) described as the intended recipient(s) of the process. Everyone is welcome to participate silently together. All beliefs are respected and proselytizing is not supported. We welcome people who believe in silent prayer or meditative focus but are not connected to an organized religion as well as people who attend religious or spiritual services regularly. After times of silent-prayer, we shift the focus to ourselves. We take time to share with each other how we are right now and how we would like to be in the future. As we share, we open the door to possible healing for ourselves and for others who listen to our sharing and identify with it on some level. Please RSVP if you would like to attend. Your RSVP may encourage others to take part in this Meetup. Refreshments: Only screw cap bottles are allowed in this room. No food or cups. You are welcome to bring a beverage in a screw cap bottle. The room seats 16 people. This is a joint Meetup with IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) Meetup Group, Greater Boston IANDS Near-Death Discussion Group Meetup and IANDS Silent Prayers for Missing Persons Meetup Group so there may be more people planning to attend than are listed here. The Watertown Free Public Library is a short walk from the center of Watertown Square and bus lines 59, 70, 70A, 71.

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