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Miki Feldman Simon, a mother and business development executive has started IamBackatWork.com (http://iambackatwork.com/) to help women on their path to return to the workforce.
How do you explain a 5 year or a decade-long gap in your work history? Where do you find professional references when you haven’t talked to your former colleagues in more than five years? Miki has trusted guidance for mothers who might feel intimidated by the job search process. On IamBackatWork.com (http://iambackatwork.com/), job seekers can find tips on how to navigate the path back to a successful career. IamBackatWork.com offers webinars that cover a range of critical topics for the woman who wants to return to work. Webinar subjects include networking, planning a successful search, resume and LinkedIn profile writing, interviewing skills and using social media to job hunt.
IamBackatWork’s goal is to create a community of women helping each other reach their full potential.
In our virtual meet-ups, women will support each other in the return to work process, while we offer advice and tools to get you on your path to your next job!

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Make Up Tips to Create Your Personal Brand

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Looking good creates confidence, and confidence leads to professional success. Are you overwhelmed and feeling the beauty blues? Wondering what is your look? Do you have the correct products? How can you rejuvenate your appearance and feel better? Together we will review how to simplify your beauty routine to get you out the door in a timely fashion looking your best. With simple steps and only a couple of make up products you will look and feel professional. Our motto is “Look the part, be the part.” You can articulate your brand in a nonverbal fashion by fine tuning your appearance. Join Miki Feldman Simon, the Founder of IamBackatWork and Tracilee Messina on Wednesday, 6/5 at 12:00pm EST to learn the 5 beauty tips that complete your professional look. Please RSVP to the meet up and register here: http://iambackatwork.com/webinar/make-up-tips-to-create-your-personal-brand/ Bring your questions! All our live webinars include a Q&A session. Register even if you cannot attend. We will send you a link to the recorded webinar.

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