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The Boston Real Estate Investor Association, is an Investor Association for real estate investors and other real estate professionals dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Whether you have been involved in the real estate industry for years or are just getting started, you will feel at home at our group since we will be catering to all levels of knowledge and experience.

We will be providing you:

• Access to local, national and international experts, trainers and experienced investors who are actively investing

• Access to local vendors and service providers that matter Fun, exciting network opportunities with other like minded professionals and industry experts,

• Ongoing educational opportunities for new and seasoned investors on many different real estate strategies

• A platform to market your properties to other investors and buyers as well as allowing you to be the first to purchase other member properties

• A Main Meeting on the first Tuesday of each month

• Specialty satellite meetup groups that meet throughout the month at locations around town

• Other seminars, workshops, bus tours, webinars, and meetups throughout the year to keep you informed on the exciting and ever changing real estate market

We also put a very strong emphasis on live networking events, and community outreach programs through local charities whom we help build, renovate and repair homes for needy families in the Boston area. We multiple meetings each month that you need to know about and attend…

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10 Steps to Building a Six-Figure Income in Six Months in this Changing Market

Free Online Meeting TOPIC: 10 Steps to Building a Six-Figure Income in Six Months in this Changing Market Why is it that other instructors are on the “never speak to another homeowner again and make millions while you sleep” bandwagon? It is because they don’t know how to teach you to make BIG MONEY on your deals or how to build a self-sustaining business model. In fact, most of the so-called guru’s haven’t done many deals, if any. They can’t teach what they don’t know! Join Boston REIA in our monthly online meeting as I interview the Real Estate RockStar, Bill Twyford. Bill has closed over 1,000 deals and SAYS his success comes from knowing what to say, when to say it, and to whom to say it. Click Here: “There is nothing worse than sitting with a homeowner when they ask a question you can’t answer and there you sit, sweating it, because you are stumped”, Twyford says. “It’s every investors’ worst fear. In fact, this fear is so strong that it keeps investors from even taking the first step and making the millions they dream of.” - How can you build a predictable income? - What 10 steps does it take in today’s changing market? - Want to learn how to make Big Money on all of your deals? - Want to learn how to have homeowners eating out of your hand? - Want to have banks saying YES to your short sales in record time? - Want to know how to work No-Equity deals for Big Money? - Want to never have to worry about what to say? - Want to know how to have “the bankruptcy talk” with the bank and win? Then you must join me on my call with Bill. I have limited the registration to just 99 content-seeking investors. Bill offers all content, not a bunch of sales crap and he has assured me that this will be all new content that you not heard before. ************************************************************************ We Are The Premier Boston Real Estate Investors Group! Education, Have’s and Wants, Structured Networking activities, and the Boston Market Update Discussion all combine to make the Association an integral part of any active investor’s month. There will be a timely presentation, too. See you there!

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