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Meet nearby Boardgame Players! Come to our Boardgames Meetup to play old favorites with new friends, and maybe learn a new game or two. All players aged 12 to 100 are invited! We will play anything from light party games to light euro games and card games. There is sure to be something for everyone. We are a friendly, easygoing group who is willing to play games and teach them if needed. Is there something you like to play or always wanted to learn? You are sure to find someone here willing to play with you or teach you.

To get a look at some of the games play the link below is chronological of whats been play and when.http://boardgamegeek.com/plays/bydate/user/... (http://boardgamegeek.com/plays/bydate/user/cmislin/subtype/boardgame)

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Sunday Board Gaming @ Casual Dragon Games

Casual Dragon Games

Come play games and make new friends. The members of this board game meetup are very friendly and always willing to teach games to people. Anyone wanting to start before 2:00 is welcome. The store opens at 12:00 on Sundays and stays open past its scheduled closing time for this meetup. The store has plenty of space to spread out and play outside on its back lawn, or indoors in small groups. It also has a demo game library of over 250 games, or feel free to bring your own.

Most of the regulars do not signup on meetup every week, so don't worry if there aren't too many people signed up. There will still be people at the event. If you have any questions, please feel free to message any of the event organizers.

Tuesday Night Games @ Wegman's


Please feel free to message the Organizer, Event Host, or Attendees with any questions.
* Some of the Past Games Played Link * (https://boardgamegeek.com/plays/bydate/user/munkypants/subtype/boardgame)

Board Game Night @ Orion's Landing

Orions Landing

Come join us for a board game night at Orion's Landing, a VR Arcade by Woodlawn Beach.

Newcomers welcome! The members of this board game meetup are very friendly and always willing to teach games to people. Or bring your own games to play!

In addition to their VR Arcade and a lot of well-lit table space, they have a restaurant with house-made pizza (also available by the slice) or chicken fingers, a bar, and a free-to-play arcade.

Orion's Landing is also offering a special for anyone who would like to try out their VR Games this night. $20 will get you a 20min VR game (no prior VR experience necessary!), a slice of pizza, and a drink.

More information about their space or what VR games are available can be found on their website at https://orionslanding.com/

Online Wednesday Board Gaming

Online event

The Buffalo Boardgames Meetup Group that used to meet at UB every Wednesday has moved to playing online on a variety of gaming platforms (Tabletop Simulator, Boardgame Arena, etc). Check out their Message Boards for more information on the individual weekly events, or join their Discord channel on a Wednesday evening to join them. The regular members do not signup on meetup, but are very welcoming to newcomers.

Message Boards : https://www.meetup.com/boardgames-85/messages/boards/
Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/e8aQBFRyhc

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