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Hey Everyone,

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Let's cover 2-3 topics today. The first two are related, let's cover affiliate marketing tools for WordPress, and DataFeeds for WordPress. This will be an introductory discussion on these two topics. Then next week we can explore some of the techniques relating to both.

In addition, if we have time let's talk about some cool new plugins. If anyone has found any cool plugins, please share 2-3 this week. For example, I've been playing with a responsive menu plugin that replaces a normal wordpress menu with a responsive drop down on mobile devices. It's not perfect yet, but points out some interesting directions in this area.

As always, I'll send out the Google Hangout invite via goolge + or about 10 minutes before 1. It sometimes helps to watch your Google Plus notifications for that invite!)

In general

I schedule these in advance, please shoot me a message here or on twitter @brettbum ( and I'll work to schedule them into the next session. If you would like to present a session yourself, please contact me the same way and we can discuss your plans.

Here's some video from the last 3+ weeks of WordPress meetups

Each week we will come together on Google Hangouts in a group video chat and dive into interesting new WordPress concepts. The date and time will shift from one week to the next to increase potential participation and some weeks we will have multiple opportunities to meet on either new topics or a repeat of the same topic with a new set of members.

The events will be live streamed for those that can't attend (attendance will be limited) and it will be recorded and posted to YouTube soon after the event ends.

Streaming and YouTube locattions to come


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