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Open Discussion - Talking UFOs and Beyond
Welcome Earthlings! This group is for those who truly have an interest in the area of UFOs and all that it involves beyond simply lights in the sky. We come together each month for the purpose of sharing, exchanging information, asking questions, supporting one another and feeding an open mind. You don't need to be well read on the subject, for there's so much. Many folks are simply curious, while others are filled with knowledge to share. It's always a great group and an interesting discussion. At times, meetings may focus upon a particular book, DVD, guest speaker, or another area of interest around the UFO phenomena. Topics can include: sightings, abductions, governmental issues, technology, earth changes, spirituality, Ancient Alien's historical theories, crop circles and more. Please be willing to respect one another's opinions and help to hold a space for safe sharing without judgement. Suggested donation of $10 to help offset MeetUp fees and more. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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Welcome Earthlings!

This group is for those who have had experiences with extraterrestrials, Ufo's, inner earth beings, non-carnate beings, or are aware of and interested in learning about these varied expressions of the multiverse.

The intention of this group is to connect, discuss co-creative, collaborative potentials of realizing and contributing to earth's and humanity's evolution to galactic/intergalactic citizenry and strategies of action to do so.

Through our sharing and learning we weave together the tapestry of cosmic citizenry in which all earthlings may live in peace, abundance, harmony and joy.

Topics that most likely will arise are: ascension, secrets and cover-ups of extraterrestials/ufo's, suppressed technologies, targeted individuals (non-consensual use of technology on humans), energy healing potentials and modalities, consciousness,

This group will evolve as we do:)

Meetings will be held in Chicago, located on planet earth. Hope to see you there!

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