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Starting, Building and Running an Online Business Monthly Meetup
This group is for those who are serious about starting, building, or expanding an online business. If you are considering developing an online business, selling an app, etc., this is the group for you. I cover topics related to making money via the internet. We cover all the topics, and seek to explore issues and problems that vex ebusiness owners. Each month, timely discussions are covered on tools you can use, and if need be show you how to use them. If you have an ebusiness opportunity to share, we will give you a forum to present your business or product, but you must contact me first. Members are expected to 'give' as well as take from the group. Come to learn, participate and network, but be professional about it. We meet in a central location near with safe, free, and ample parking. Thanks for your participation. Please join and let's get started!

Needs a location


What we're about

This group is for people who are involved, or wish to be, in the next wave of web based businesses, AND non-profits. There is a $5 donation

Each month we'll delve into the issues that e-business owners face.

Bring your issues, problems, ideas, questions, business cards

Expect to 'present'

Come to share, connect, listen and give...

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Who is Welcome:

Individuals with businesses which are not yet web based, or who wish to take advantage of web based opportunities.

Business owners who wish to gain a greater understanding of how to expand their business into the web.

Those people wishing to start a non-profit organization, or who are operating a Non-Profit and wish to take greater advantage of the web.

Those who are have a web based business

Those who have knowledge and wish to share are encouraged to come and join in as well.

We meet at

100th Bomb Group Restaurant,

20920 Brookpark Road, Cleveland Ohio 44135

(216) 267-1010

What this group is NOT for:

MLM programs

Recruiting into MLM's

Blatant Self Promotion

If you do have appropriate services for the group, please contact me in advance, and I will gladly work with you to arrange presentation time.

What the long term goals of the group are:

Connect, Share, and Solve problems of our members

Create viable web based businesses, and non-profits

Promote the Member Businesses and Non-Profits

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