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I created this meetup for any Motorcycle rider enthusiast.

To connection riders from all over great Toronto area, to the land, the wind, the sun,... it sounds romantic, but it's true - the visceral experience of motion, of moving through time on some amazing machine - a few cars touch on it, but not too many compared to motorcycles. I always felt that any motorcycle journey was special.

Riding a motorcycle involves handling a curious collection of various elements like noise, danger, speed, balance, physical skill. It is not surprising then that some people are obsessed with motorcycles, wind blowing across their faces, following the road, feeling free and wild. You can instantly recognize a motorcyclist because of his/her signature leather jacket, swanky helmet, leather gloves, and of course, his/her beautiful machine.

Riding a bike can be a thrilling and wonderful experience, it can symbolize control, can put your mind at ease, and on a more practical note, a bike can easily get you out of any traffic jam. Plus, imagine all the attention you get if you are riding a sexy bike!

Very Important message; Please read this waiver carefully.



By RSVP for any ride with the TORONTO FREE RIDERS CLUB Group you are completely agreeing with the terms of the Waiver.

By RSVP for any the rides. I acknowledge that I am fully aware of the danger(s) and hazard(s) associated with participating in a motorcycle ride. By RSVP I certify that I am duly licensed and competent to operate a motorcycle in a safe and responsible manner, and the vehicle is in safe operational condition. I will be riding on public highways and understand that I am solely responsible to determine the speed and operational characteristics of my motorcycle while participating in the group ride. I hereby release TORONTO FREE RIDERS CLUB and any of its members, against any and all claims, causes of action, and/or any other liability of any kind arising from my participation and activity affiliated with this specific ride. I agree not to hold TORONTO FREE RIDERS CLUB and those establishments affiliated with this ride, during this ride, and accept full and sole responsibility for my own actions. By RSVP I certify that I have no known physical or mental impairment that may affect my safety or the safety of other participants. I understand and acknowledge that the choice of wearing a helmet and/or other protective gear is solely my choice and I am responsible for my compliance with all Province/States laws, including those regarding helmets. By RSVP I certify that I am not under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol or other substance that may impair my understanding or judgment and that I will not at any time during this ride operate my motorcycle under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol or other substance that may impair me. I also understand that this Waiver and Release is in force from the time you RSVP for the ride until the ride is over.

If you don’t agree or object of this Waiver and Release Form please withdraw yourself from this ride.

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