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What we’re about

Why Come To The Greater Houston REIA Event? 

77% of wealthy people in the United States got there by investing in real estate. In fact, it’s very tough to get rich without investing.

So what’s holding you back? The most common reasons why most people don’t get started in real estate are: KNOWLEDGE, MONEY, TIME, & FEAR.

The Greater Houston REIA Club is designed to help overcome all of these obstacles by combining local real estate strategy training and networking with local experienced real estate investors!

So how can you overcome what’s holding you back?

1. If you’re surrounded by experienced investors in Houston who will partner with you on deals, what’s to fear?

2. Second, when it comes to money or credit, NO REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, no matter how rich, uses their own money exclusively. If you have a good deal, you’ll have access to all the money you’ll need at our club!

3. Third, if you have money or knowledge but don’t have the TIME to find deals, the you’ll meet people at our club who have the time to find deals but don’t have the knowledge or money to make deals happen. Sound like a great deal partnership opportunity?

4. If you have all the access to knowledge, time, money, experience, and investors, then what do you have to FEAR?

Take the first step to beginning, improving, or expanding your real estate investing career by coming to our next Club Event!

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