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HAX Walkthrough

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Eric J. G. and Karl K.


New year, new tech! This week we'll have a live video presentation from Bryan Ollendyke about his project called HAX (headless authoring experience).

Ollendyke has contributed to and spoken about Drupal for 13 years. Most recognized for a learning management system project called ELMS, Ollendyke has shifted gears entirely the last three years to focus on a decoupled editing experience called HAXTheWeb ( The HAX editor is built on the W3C standard Web components and Bryan views it as the future of all web development.

Ollendyke's team has been progressively decoupling ELMS one web component at a time and has released over 400 reusable web components to date. He teaches a course at Penn state on emerging web technologies and leverages students in order to build a new decoupled CMS called HAXcms which is used for blogging, teaching and documentation.

Please RSVP soon if you can make this presentation. We look forward to seeing you there!
250 Northwest Richards Road · Kansas City, MO
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