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What we’re about

Humanists meet around Greater Manchester to share and develop our understanding of a philosophy and morality based on human (not transcendental) values, to promote these values in the public domain, and to dialogue with religious and other beliefs.

Everyone who does not accept a belief in a god is welcome to join.

Please note: it is helpful if you register on meetup when you intend to come to a meeting. More folk attend our meetings than register on meetup that they will be going.

If you are not already on it, we invite you to join our email list and receive our monthly newsletter and other communciations, which provide more information about our activities. To do so, contact our secretary, at

GMH is a partner group of Humanists UK (formerly the British Humanist Association) and also a member of the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

The Stockport group is independent and has its own newsletter. To receive this, please contact the Stockport group secretary Christine Simons on

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