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All English Bulldog owners welcome! We meet monthly at local dog parks in Montgomery or PG County but all "bullies" from any County/State are invited to join in the fun. Members are ALWAYS encouraged to send suggestions for future events.

Similar to the English Bulldog's personality, this is a fairly laid-back group.

Meetup attendance varies based on the weather and folks' schedules. Generally, the nicer the weather, more bullies come out and play!!

There is no membership fee; however, we can only continue this group through your donations. charges $180 a year to use their website. If you would like to make a donation, we use all money collected to first keep the website current, anything beyond that is used for our occasional parties and treats for our Bulldogs. All money is counted at each event and reported here in our finance section.

When we send a Meetup announcement, we will provide the date, time, and location, in addition to a map to the dog park. We will have a welcome sign at the park.

It's exciting to see so many incredible English Bulldogs together at once. Take a look at pictures from recent meet ups!

Please join us! We think you both will love it.

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