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A combination of believers and skeptics who are interested in discussing and reviewing paranormal happenings, ideas, and experiences. Interest in participating/attending paranormal investigations within 8 hours of Richmond, VA (cost involved depending on location). Explore reports of paranormal activity, collect evidence and data, assess and interpret data and consider explanations. Zoinks!

Along with paranormal investigations we may also schedule movie nights or meet & greets throughout the year. Maybe even a viewing party or two to check out one of the new tv programs or the return of Ghost Hunters to A&E.

Membership is $10 for the year and that money goes towards Meetup Fees to host the group ($200/yr). Any of the remaining balance will be used as a deposit to secure investigation sites. Once a membership request has been approved, you will have a 60 day trial period before dues are collected.

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Paranormal Lecture

Varina - Henrico County Public Library

Transcend Paranormal is hosting a Paranormal Lecture at Varina Library. If you like local history and the paranormal this is an event for you and it's FREE! Transcend Paranormal will be talking about historical sites they have investigated, as well as, display and explain some of the equipment they utilize on their investigations. Meet the TP Team and share some of your paranormal experiences as well! RSVP and I will let them know you are attending.

St. Albans Sanatorium Private Investigation

St. Albans Sanatorium


St. Albans is supposedly among the most active paranormal locations on the East Coast. Given the number of wrongful deaths that occurred within, it’s easy to imagine why this would become a paranormal hot spot. People report seeing bodied apparitions, shadowy figures, and levitating objects while exploring within these decrepit walls. Others claim to hear voices or even feel fleeting physical contact with unseen beings. We have secured the location for a private investigation on November 29th. Investigations begin at 8:00 p.m. and conclude at 4:00 a.m. Each participant is required to complete a Registration Form / Liability Waiver prior to entering the building. Once each participant has read and signed the waiver we will be given a guided tour of the facility. Upon completion of the tour we're released to begin our investigation. Registration begins at 7:00 pm. This is an 8 hour, overnight investigation. We will set up a home base once onsite and it will have electricity and wifi available. The plan is to drive to Radford, VA early Friday afternoon, check in to a hotel, grab some dinner, then report to the venue. You will be responsible for booking your own hotel accommodations. If you would like to possibly share a room with another team member feel free to start a discussion on the page. At the conclusion of the investigation we will return to the hotel to get a few hours sleep. We will check out as late as possible (usually 11-12) Saturday and return to Richmond. We will also carpool from Richmond for those that are interested. As date approaches, we will set a time/place to meet. Chris and I previously attended a public investigation here and we both had several experiences. We knew then that we would be back to schedule private access to the location. Brief History: In 1892, the St. Albans Lutheran Boys’ School opened as a prestigious but demanding school for boys. The school quickly earned a reputation as a place where bullying was the norm and, while no official reports record harm or death, more than one suicide is believed to have occurred on school grounds. After the school was shut down in 1911, St. Albans reopened as a psychiatric infirmary in 1916. It was supposed to be a better alternative to the other asylums scattered throughout the United States. It boasted a rooftop garden, bowling alley, and even a small farm to treat its patients to a healthy dose of leisurely fun. Sadly, conditions were not as idyllic as the masterminds behind the sanatorium envisioned. Vulnerable patients were subjected to cruel experimental treatments by their doctors. Experimental procedures and questionable treatments like Insulin Coma Therapy, Electroconvulsive Therapy and Hydro Shock Therapy. These practices resulted in significant fatalities, permanent disabilities, alongside multiple documented suicides. The sanatorium was also ill-equipped to deal with the thousands of patients that entered for treatment. By 1945, its staff-to-patient ratio was 48 to 6,509. The desperately small staff and inhumane living conditions led the building to witness further suicides within its already grim walls. By the late 20th century, the sanatorium was on a steady decline. It finally closed in the 1990s.

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Fleetwood ParaCon

Fleetwood Church


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