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This group welcomes new and experienced R users to exchange knowledge and experience on using R for data analysis, data visualization, and data reporting.

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Exciting Talks by Rich Iannone and Sharla Gelfand!

The Jonah Group

We're excited to announce our 2019 kickoff event, joint with the the new R-Ladies group! Please join us for talks by Rich Iannone and Sharla Gelfand! Rich will discuss the gt package, designed for creating great-looking display tables. He'll introduce the package and jump into an interactive coding session, going through how to preprocess data and make useful presentation tables, including table parts, footnotes, cell styling, and R-Markdown best practices. Sharla's talk, "Opinionated Strategies for Uncharted Territories“, will focus on methods for working with a new dataset, providing tips to avoid that whole "yeah I know my data wait this is not what I expected where did I go wrong!?" thing. All attendees agree to abide by the R-Ladies Code of Conduct (https://github.com/rladies/starter-kit/wiki/Code-of-Conduct). Refreshments and the space are provided by The Jonah Group (map below, come up to the 3rd floor). Pizza will be provided by RStudio. Door will open at 6pm with introductions and presentations around 6:30pm. Everything will conclude at 8. Please join us!

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Software Carpentry Workshop in R

York University

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