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What we're about

A group for lovers of every kind of poetry, both readers and writers.

We may share our love of poetry with each other in a number of ways:

1) poetry readings (both our own and other written work)
2) doing poetry book reviews
3) sharing about new or old poets or poetry books we have discovered that wowed us
4) providing feedback and critiques when asked by others
5) teaching each other about poetry devices, techniques, forms, styles, and more
6) supporting each other by *promoting each other and doing publication parties
7) exploring regional poetic events together
8) publishing one or more group anthologies together (I'm also a publisher)

*Promoting another's work could mean a variety of things, something as simple as congratulating and supporting someone in getting work published; or buying a book or magazine and then telling other friends about it; or sharing a fellow poet's work on social media; or going to a fellow poet's reading or book signing or publication party. And then, of course, other poet's will do the same for you. That's all the "promoting" means.

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